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Cowboys 2016 Draft: Why Can't-Miss Prospects At Pick Number Four Can Miss

Everyone talks about who they want the Cowboys to pick at four, but which of these hyped players do you think has the best chance to flame out?

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Picking fourth overall means the Cowboys will have a shot to get a player who is going to be a star in the NFL. Of course, making the right choice is another thing altogether and many fans will be sweating it out, hoping the right name is called. There will be a lot of good choices, but everyone has their own favorite. You think your candidate is a surefire can't-miss prospect? Well, I've subpoenaed the help of my fictitious alter-ego and accredited draft-downer, Phantom Menace, to tell you exactly why each one of them could fail.

Danny Phantom: I love Jalen Ramsey. He's one of those special athletes that can be a star in this league for many years. Is there anything about him that concerns you?

Phantom Menace: He's overrated. There is no denying his talent, but what position does he play exactly? Is he a safety? Is he a corner? No. He's a hybrid. You know what else is a hybrid? A platypus. Is it some kind of weird duck-thing? Is it a mutant beaver? Pick an animal and stay with it. The Cowboys are looking for a top college player, and you're trying to sell me on a player that's pretty good at two positions? I'd rather have someone who is really great at one. Give me Vernon Hargraves III. At least that way, they're getting a real cornerback. Ramsey had zero picks last season. That's the same as Brandon Carr, Morris Claiborne, and Byron Jones so I guess he'd have no problem fitting in.

Danny Phantom: A lot of fans think the Cowboys need to seize the day and take a quarterback at four. Carson Wentz is all the hype right now. Does he have the skills to be a franchise quarterback and a star in this league?

Phantom Menace: And that's all he is - hype. Everyone is talking about how much potential he has. That's wonderful. Unfortunately potential and a dollar will only get you a cup of coffee. The kid played his college ball at North Dakota State where he played all but one game against FCS competition. How can you even properly evaluate that? And he's been compared to Alex Smith. That should be a red-flag right there. That should be a sign that he's a decent quarterback, but if you draft him early in the first round, you're probably going to be disappointed.

Danny Phantom: Myles Jack is another one of those guys that seems miles above everyone else at the linebacker position. He's got amazing talent and is a great athlete. Can you see him being a star in this league?

Phantom Menace: There you go again with that athlete thing. Do you want an athlete or do you want a football player? He's a running back who can play linebacker. You know who else can do that? High school kids. All that tells me is he isn't great at any one thing. Sure, he looks impressive since switching to linebacker. He's great at running down college players. But does he have the size to absorb the every-down wear and tear of playing linebacker in the NFL? Why would you invest the fourth-overall pick in the draft for a player that has an NFL life expectancy of a hamster? Let's not forget that torn meniscus that pulled him out of football last year. Taking someone like that with the fourth pick in the draft is quite the risk. A great linebacker isn't so great if they have trouble staying on the field. The Cowboys should have learned that with Sean Lee.

Danny Phantom: Ezekiel Elliott ran wild last season with 1,878 rushing yards. Can you imagine just how phenomenal he could be behind the Cowboys offensive line? I mean, Darren McFadden is gravy, but Zeke is the biscuit, the bacon, the whole grand-slam breakfast. You can't look me straight in the mirror and tell me that doesn't excite you.

Phantom Menace: Are you not listening to anything I'm saying? If linebacker is a wear-and-tear position, what do you think that makes the running back? Elliott is a great college running back. There is no doubt that he'd do well running the ball in Dallas. But how good is he when he's hurt? What do you do when he plays out his rookie contract and the Cowboys have run him into the ground? You draft Elliott and you're not planning you're future, but rather renting a runner. The Cowboys already have a RB that was taken fourth overall in the draft. McFadden. I hope they keep it that way.

Danny Phantom: Well, if you don't like any of these players, am I correct to assume you are a Joey Bosa guy? Some experts think he's the best player in the draft and the Cowboys could use an elite pass rusher. Is he the guy Dallas should take at four?

Phantom Menace: If a quick first-step is not important to you, then Bosa is your guy. But last time I checked, Rod Marinelli thinks that is pretty crucial. Then, he participates in linebacker drills at the combine. Is he trying to sell himself as a 3-4 defensive end? The Cowboys need a hand-in-the-dirt edge rusher who can explode out of the gate. He had 13.5 sacks in 2014, but then only 5 sacks last year. There appears to be some residual hype left over from 2014. Some try to compare him to J.J. Watt, but he's not Watt. A more accurate comparison is Ryan Kerrigan, who is a good football player, but not a top five talent football player. Bosa has skills, but his stock is starting to slide and it wouldn't surprise me to see him fall outside the top five, maybe even closer to ten. If there is anyone of these "top" prospects that has bust written all over it - it's Joey Bosa.

The Menace seems to be going a little heavy on the haterade, but a lot of these points have been floating around for the last several weeks. You can scrutinize anyone and certainly not every pick is going to be a winner, but are you buying into these negative claims about your guy? And which player are you most fearful of Dallas taking who you think could be a bust?

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