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Cowboys 2016 Draft: Should Dallas Trade Up If Paxton Lynch Is Sliding In The First Round?

Another draft scenario to ponder for the Cowboys.

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The Dallas Cowboys draft fourth overall in April's NFL draft, and with that has come plenty of debate about taking either Jared Goff or Carson Wentz as a future replacement for Tony Romo. That debate is likely to continue on until draft day, even though Jerry Jones has thrown cold water on the idea of taking a quarterback fourth overall. That could be a smokescreen, trying to keep quarterback-hungry teams from leaping past the Cowboys to grab their man. OCC has posted a collection of mock drafts were pundits still think Dallas will pull the trigger on either Goff or Wentz.

But for argument sake, let's say Dallas passes on a passer at pick number four. Many of our own mockers have indicated they would love to pick up Paxton Lynch at pick #34, the third pick in the second round. The Cowboys recently had a private workout with Lynch.

But in his first private workout since the NFL Scouting Combine, the former Memphis quarterback couldn't have been more comfortable with the outcome, because the Cowboys were merely asking him to do what he does best.

"They had me do some three-step drop stuff, but it was mostly deeper drops and deeper throws. They had me throwing some long out routes, and some deeper comeback routes across the field," Lynch said. "They had me push the ball vertically on some seam routes and deep corner routes. Then they put me on the run for some of it, to see my athleticism and see me outside the pocket. I definitely enjoy pushing the ball down the field, and that's what they were most impressed about, how strong my arm was."

The problem with getting Lynch at pick #34 is there are teams likely to be interested in him at the end of the first round. If Lynch makes it down towards the late 20's in the draft order, teams like Kansas City, Denver, or possibly even Arizona could be interested. In the second round Cleveland could also pull the trigger if they didn't already grab a quarterback at second overall.

Today's question is: Would you trade back up into the first round to try and grab Lynch? Kansas City's pick is at #28, the likely spot you'd want to get in front of to beat out the four teams mentioned above. To get to Green Bay's pick at #27 you would need to make up 120 points, that would require swapping pick #34 for pick #27, plus send them Dallas' fourth-round pick (96 points) and sixth-round pick (15.4 points). Or Dallas could send pick 34, 67 and 189 (831 points) for Green Bay's 27th and 88th pick (830 points).

Would you do it, BTB?

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