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Tony Romo Will Have A Clavicle Plate Inserted Or A Mumford Procedure In Upcoming Surgery

The decision has finally been made, or maybe not.

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[UPDATE] After everyone earlier today was reporting that Romo would have a plate inserted, Todd Archer now says his source contradicts that and says Romo will have a Mumford procedure after all. It's gone back and forth on this for a while now, so I guess all we knows is that Romo will have surgery and will either have a plate inserted or a Mumford procedure.

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo will undergo a Mumford procedure on his left collarbone next week, according to a source.

Romo had been contemplating having a plate inserted into his collarbone as late as last week. However, after undergoing a CT scan on Wednesday, he opted for the Mumford procedure, in which the distal part of the clavicle is shaved down to release potential pressure against the shoulder.


Tony Romo will finally undergo surgery next week after delaying the decision as long as possible to see how his clavicle is healing. At first it was rumored he would be having  a Mumford procedure, but recently sources said he was leaning towards have a plate inserted to strengthen his clavicle. That turns out to be what will happen.

NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport reported Friday that Romo will have a plate inserted into his clavicle, per a source informed of the procedure. The titanium plate will attach to the clavicle with screws, serving as an internal cast for support. The hope is that next week's procedure will eliminate further re-breaking of the collarbone.

As has been reported previously, the surgery should keep Romo out of action for 6-8 weeks. Given that timetable he should be able to participate fully in the Cowboys offseason activities. The Cowboys first offseason activity is scheduled for May for veterans.

Now that the surgical procedure has been settled, how does this make you feel about Romo's future? Can he go the 4-5 years that Jerry Jones predicts? Or is a couple of years more reasonable? Does this change how you feel about whether to draft his successor this year, or go for a stop-gap veteran?

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