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Cowboys News & Notes: Is "Manufactured Desparation" For QB Dying Down In Dallas?

The Ezekiel Elliott train is gaining steam, the QB@4 train is losing steam, and a feel-good Dez Bryant story are our latest Cowboys headlines this morning.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Best win-now draft picks for Cowboys: Ezekiel Elliott - Todd Archer, ESPN
Archer answered a Twitter question about the win-now move at the top of the draft.

Ezekiel Elliott has picked up some steam here lately. The Cowboys' running game was good last year, but not special. He could make it special and then that helps Tony Romo and the defense. Joey Bosa, Myles Jack and Jalen Ramsey can help the Cowboys win now because they have defensive end, linebacker and secondary needs.

Right now I would go (not the team necessarily) Ramsey, Bosa, Jack. In Ramsey, he’s an unbelievable athlete who can play corner or safety. In Bosa, he can help a pass rush that will need a lot of help. There are some worries about the long-term with Jack’s knee, but he can do things athletically that few can do. I just wonder if a linebacker at No. 4 makes sense.

I’ll probably contradict myself here, but Elliott would get my vote because I think he’s a terrific player. Too many people are on the "running backs are devalued" train and too many people are thinking about the second contract. I think he is closer to being an Adrian Peterson than any of the other guys mentioned being the best at their positions.

Paying a Running Back - Bob Sturm, SportsDay
In his weekly mailbag, Sturm gives his take on drafting a running back with the first pick.

The good news as I have been saying for a while now is that at #4 and #34, I am confident it is very difficult to screw this up. This is a very solid draft with many fine pieces in it. I am reasonably confident many of us could get you two good players in the Top 34.

Not sure I would ever endorse a RB at #4 overall with the short career spans and the availability of so many solid runners in free agency every year. This is not QB with massive position scarcity. Unless you are getting a generational RB, I would not take a shot on this position at #4.


Cowboys reportedly won’t draft a quarterback with No. 4 pick - Des Bieler, The Washington Post
Bieler explains why most headlines at this time of year are little more than hot air.

On the other hand, the air is thick this time of year with misinformation deliberately belched forth by NFL teams who want throw rivals off the scent. If Dallas really does desire a quarterback at No. 4, it surely would prefer that squads with later picks not feel the need to trade up ahead of it.

Where Browns, Cowboys stand on QB in Round 1 of 2016 draft - CSN Bay Area Staff
The 49ers are badly in need of a QB, but are only drafting seventh overall. Which means they're keeping a wary eye on the teams ahead of them with a perceived QB need. So there must have been a great rejoicing in the Bay Area when Jerry Jones said the team will "unequivocally not take a quarterback at No. 4."

Cowboys Should Pursue Colt McCoy In Free Agency - Richie Whitt, NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth
Whitt comes up with a few reasons why Colt McCoy is a more attractive option than his former Redskins' teammate, Robert Griffin III.

He’ll be affordable. He shares agents with Cowboys’ coaches Jason Garrett and Scott Linehan. He’s better than Kellen Moore.

And, most of all, his arrival would negate the Cowboys’ manufactured desperation to draft Romo’s eventual successor with the 4th overall pick.

I'm only adding this tweet because if Rapoport is reporting it, the odds are pretty good you can forget about it.


Sources: Cowboys QB Romo Opts For ‘Plate’ Surgery On Collarbone " CBS Dallas / Fort Worth
At 11:11 AM EST yesterday, Mike Fisher wrote that Tony Romo had chosen the "plate insertion'' option.

Tony Romo to have plate inserted into his collarbone -
At 11:18 AM EST, based on a "report" from Ian Rapoport, wrote that a plate was going to be inserted in Romo's clavicle.

Sources: Cowboys QB Tony Romo intends to shave clavicle rather than attach plate - David Moore, SportsDay
At around 5 PM EST, David Moore, probably with better sources, announced it was going to be a Mumford procedure after all. Moore explains the brouhaha:

The Cowboys quarterback underwent the latest in a series of CT scans Wednesday to determine the level of bone growth and regeneration. After reviewing those results, surgery was scheduled for next week.

Before that scan was administered, Romo told reporters that he was leaning toward having a plate attached. Several reports have surfaced since late Thursday evening that state the quarterback will opt for the plate.

But sources insist that's not the first option. They stress the intent of the surgery, based on the location of the fracture, is to correct the problem by shaving or removing a portion of the clavicle and that Romo is on board with this approach.

Tony Romo of Dallas Cowboys opts for Mumford procedure - Todd Archer, ESPN
At 5:52 PM EST, Archer joined the fun, also with a Mumford procedure.

The time frame for recovery is six to eight weeks. Romo is expected to be able to participate in organized team activities in May and June.


Dallas Cowboys need to be patient in NFL free agency - Todd Archer, ESPN
The Cowboys would be wise to let the market come to them in free agency but should also make safety Eric Weddle a priority, Archer writes.

[Weddle] would fill a gap in the Cowboys’ defense for a playmaker in the secondary and another leader on the unit. If he signs, that would likely mean Byron Jones would shift back to cornerback or the Cowboys would have to decide on Barry Church, who is scheduled to earn $4.25 million in 2016. Paying for intangibles is a tricky deal in free agency, but Weddle would bring a lot to the table.

Cowboys free-agent watch: James Hanna more valuable than most think - Todd Archer, ESPN
The Cowboys would like to keep TE James Hanna, but it will depend on the cost and how much are other teams are willing to pay, and Archer offers a cautionary tale:

In 2013, the Cowboys lost John Phillips to the San Diego Chargers as a free agent because the deal was more than they were willing to spend. The Cowboys could find themselves in the same predicament with Hanna. There is a lot of money out there to spend, and teams could see his speed and his improved blocking as a way to fill in their No. 2 spot.


Dez Bryant pays tribute to Oklahoma State learning specialist he says 'changed my life' - Adam Grosbard, SportsDay
This is a great story: Bryant recently went back to Oklahoma State and visited Nikki Jones, a learning specialist who helped Bryant in College.

In a video posted to his Facebook, Bryant hugs Jones and thanks her while she whispers, "I'm so proud of you." Bryant also wrote a heart-felt note to Jones on the Facebook post, writing, "I put you through a lot and you never gave up on me."

Nikki I just wanted you to know you changed my life...without GOD and you it would be impossible for me to experience...

Posted by Dez Bryant on Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Oddsmakers don’t see Griffin, Hardy or Manziel in Dallas when NFL season starts - The Star-Telegram
"Then I heard what sounded like a great multitude, like the roar of rushing waters and like loud peals of thunder, shouting: "Hallelujah!" Revelation 19:6.

Current favorite for Robert Griffin: Houston, at 7/2
Current favorite for Greg Hardy: Carolina, at 5/1
Current favorite for Johnny Manziel: Jail, at 5/1

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