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Cowboys Free Agency: Colt McCoy Just Makes A Ton Of Sense

Colt McCoy was spotted with Tony Romo and Jason Witten the other night. The Dallas Cowboys need to fill the backup quarterback spot and McCoy really does fit the bill.

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The Dallas Cowboys have a ton of needs that will need to be addressed in the coming months. This offseason could very well shape the Cowboys' 2016 season and beyond. Despite picking in the top five in this year's draft, the Cowboys have a goal to reach the Super Bowl this upcoming season. For that to happen, it will all hinge on the health of Tony Romo. If an injury does happen to Romo, something similar to what happened in 2015, the Cowboys will need a backup that can hold the reigns for a few weeks. One player in the free agency class that makes sense is none other than Colt McCoy.

Just a week ago, McCoy was seen with both Tony Romo and Jason Witten at a University of Texas basketball game. This led to a ton of  rumors, of course. McCoy flamed out as a starter with the Cleveland Browns just a few seasons ago, but he flashed glimpses of a guy who can have a solid role as a backup quarterback over the past two seasons with the Washington Redskins.

When a backup quarterback comes into the game, coaches simplify their game plans to have shorter reads and more opportunities for a higher completion percentage. Because of that, the biggest skills a backup needs to excel in are anticipation, ball placement, and decision-making. One game that comes to mind to me is the Monday Night Football game just a year ago when the Redskins visited the 6-1 Cowboys on the road. Washington had nothing to play for, but that didn't keep McCoy from having easily the game of his life.

McCoy's contract is up and he may choose to go elsewhere considering Kirk Cousins looks to be the guy going forward. By coming to Dallas, McCoy is coming back home to Texas where he made his name known. After just a few weeks in the 2016 season, McCoy will be 30 years old, but he'd be an excellent No. 2 option behind Romo.

Jerry Jones said the other day how the Cowboys will pass on a quarterback with the fourth-overall pick. Of course this could just be a smokescreen in hopes of keeping other quarterback-needy teams away from trading up. Or this could mean the Cowboys aren't happy with this year's quarterback class and they'd rather find their stopgap solution in free agency.

The Cowboys have many needs and if they are indeed serious about winning a Super Bowl in the 2016-2017 season, drafting a quarterback that will sit and develop behind Romo may not be the best idea. The best idea would be to add a dynamic player who can immediately come in and make in impact in an area that is needed. With Romo already in place, that player isn't and shouldn't be a quarterback. The Cowboys definitely need a successor to Romo, but by signing McCoy, they will have some insurance to keep them from doing that until next year or even the year after that.

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