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Cowboys 2016 Draft: Looking Into The Crystal Ball - What If Dallas Drafts Jalen Ramsey?

Ramsey-philes get their wish... now what?

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Jalen Ramsey is one of the most coveted players in the 2016 NFL draft. It's entirely likely he's there at pick four and the Dallas Cowboys need secondary help. It could be a match made in heaven.

So Dallas takes the best defensive player in the draft. What then?

Dallas has a stable full of safeties and safety is generally regarded as Ramsey's best position. Furthermore, last year's first-rounder, Byron Jones (widely regarded as an excellent pick), appears primed to take a lead role at safety as well.

Unlike many, I remain a fan of J.J. Wilcox, but even I don't believe Wilcox would start over either of them. I'm sure no one would like to see Wilcox, Jeff Heath, or Barry Church lined up at cornerback, either.

Because lost in this shuffle somewhat is the fact that Morris Claiborne, for the moment, is a free agent and Brandon Carr is once again being discussed as a cap casualty. Carr's release has been discussed at length for three years now, but this year there are much more significant savings available. His release makes more sense than it ever has.

There are a few ways Dallas might run with this eventuality, but I have my own clear favorite. The athleticism and playmaking potential of a Ramsey/Jones safety tandem is just too much to ignore. Add in the traditionally excessive free agent cost for a starting corner multiplied by the already rising costs of the market so far and I think Carr might be remain a Cowboy for one more year. So keep him, and he and Orlando Scandrick are the starting corners. But the nice part is the nickel. Jones has already made an impression handling the slot, whether against receivers or tight ends. He could continue in that role. Meanwhile the team would have two other previous starters (Wilcox and Church) and an experienced and speedy back-up (Heath) all of whom could hold down safety opposite Ramsey.

In an added benefit, Dallas's nickel would have three safety-sized players on the field and would be better equipped to deal with run mismatches out of three wide or two tight end sets.

There are other options and variations available. Church and Carr could be cap cuts. Claiborne could be re-signed. Perhaps a nice corner is laying around at pick 34. But regardless, a Jones/Ramsey/Wilcox/Heath combination looks pretty nice four deep, and I could definitely see Dallas going that route regardless of what they do in the rest of the defensive backfield.

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