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Cowboys Draft 2016: Should The Team Go BPA Or Draft For Need?

Recent drafts have shown that the Cowboys are extremely intelligent in choosing their first-round pick.

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Looking at the roster, the Dallas Cowboys have been extremely successful at adding talent through the draft. In recent years, players like Travis Frederick, Zack Martin, and Byron Jones have come in and immediately made their impact felt. Many believe that drafting with the "best player available" theory is better than drafting for position of need. However, the Cowboys have hit home runs in recent years because they not only have gotten a ton of production out of their first-round picks, but they also drafted positions of need in the process. Can that continue in the 2016 NFL Draft?

There are holes across the Cowboys' roster. The ones that stand out the most are defensive end, safety, cornerback, and backup quarterback. An argument could be made for running back as well, but the team has Alfred Morris signed to a two-year deal, and Darren McFadden and Lance Dunbar are under contract until the end of the 2016 season. Recent history shows that Dallas will find an immediate contributor at a position of need. But given the players in this draft class, there may be the idea to draft the best player available and that's where the prospect of drafting Ezekiel Elliott comes into play.

In terms of helping the team from the get-go, Elliott is a guy that would immediately come in and perform for this roster. We've seen that the Cowboys are at their best when they have a capable running back who can sustain drives and keep the chains moving. Drafting Elliott would lead to quite the crowded backfield, but there is still potential for Elliott to total over 1,200 total yards and multiple touchdowns. With no back on the roster signed past the 2017 season, drafting Elliott could shore up the future.

Elliott would be an excellent addition for the Cowboys, but running back isn't necessarily a position of need for the Cowboys. Some players who are coming from positions of need are Joey Bosa, Jalen Ramsey, Noah Spence, and Carson Wentz. These four players have all been linked to the Cowboys as potential first-round picks. But because there are so different variables regarding the upcoming draft and how the rest of free agency is played out, it's truly up in the air as to what position the Cowboys will even address in the first round.

Is Bosa capable of immediately getting pressure on the quarterback? What position will Ramsey play and can he stick with faster, bigger NFL receivers? Could Spence fit as the left defensive end in Dallas' 4-3 or is he more of just nickel and dime pass rusher? Will Wentz ever develop into what the Cowboys need him to become? There are just so many lingering questions regarding this upcoming draft. And regardless of who the Cowboys choose, there will still be questions. That's the kind of draft class it is and that's how vital their first-round pick will be for the Cowboys' immediate future and their long-term plans as well.

Regardless of who their pick is, the Cowboys' scouting department has done an incredible job at assembling the pieces on the roster and for what the future may hold. So whether the pick is Bosa, Ramsey, Elliott, or maybe even someone we've never even thought of, there has been enough evidence to prove that Dallas is doing something right with how they go about the draft and there aren't any signs of that ending. With a front office that is making smarter decisions, both financially and holistically, the Cowboys definitely have a bright future ahead.

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