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Dallas Cowboys Mock Draft V. 10.0: We're Sitting And Picking, Taking What Comes To The Cowboys

Another week, another mockery of the draft on display. This week we just sit back, feet up, and make our selections in hopes to improve this team.

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Though there is speculation right now that every team in the top five picks is looking to trade back, there is some really great talent up there. You can see a scenario where Bryan Broaddus could be right and everyone looks to bail on their picks, but equally so, teams may just choose to sit where they are and let the dominoes fall. You always want to, at least, entertain the idea of trading your pick, you just never know how valuable it can be to another team. Maybe so valuable, you can fleece them, much like the Rams did the Redskins back in 2012.

Dallas was looking for a trade partner in this mock but the phones were silent, instead, they got a pretty good deal in just sitting idly by and watching the draft come to them. Let's go ahead and make a mockery of this whole process once again.

Round 1

Pick 4: Jalen Ramsey, CB, Florida State (CBS 2nd)

Depending on who you ask, Ramsey may just be the best player in the entire class, rivaling that tackle from Ole Miss. He most certainly is the best athlete among the elite. Though it behooves some to go against the grain, Broaddus and Brugler are simply wrong. Jalen Ramsey is going to play cornerback for the Dallas Cowboys and he's going to do so with conviction and precision. This is a player that you plug in and let him fly. Ramsey has long been a favorite among the BTB forums and has the confidence and skill to take this secondary to an unbelievable level. Break out the champagne on day one, this is going to be a nice and smooth ride.

Round 2

Pick 34: Vernon Butler, DT, Louisiana Tech (CBS 35th)

Dallas was looking for a rush-end here, but the value is too good to pass up. He could very well be taken in the first round. Dallas has added a little bit of skill in the offseason to the middle of their defensive line. Butler could very well make it a dominant middle. If the opposing line is worrying about collapsed pockets, the outside guys may have an easier task than originally thought. Butler can play behind Tyrone Crawford in the three and has even played some end as well. He's disruptive and explosive with 23.5 tackles for a loss. The Cowboys will take that any day of the week.

Round 3

Pick 67: Alex Collins, RB, Arkansas (CBS 75th)

Here's a north-south runner that doesn't have time to waste. He's quick and decisive with the vision to match. Don't mistake that quickness for lack of power, Collins has a ton of it. He also welcomes the physical nature of the game and will pop a linebacker or defensive back in his way. He is as comfortable in the feature back role as he is a change of pace type role. Collins is also a very reliable pass catcher and could easily be the best on the Cowboys roster at the position. He was an extremely productive player for the Razorbacks with 14 starts, 36 touchdowns, and 17 100-yard performances. He'll also leave Arkansas as second all-time behind current Cowboy, Darren McFadden.

Round 4

Pick 101: Jihad Ward, DE, Illinois (CBS 126th)

The Cowboys tested this young man at the Senior Bowl and he certainly passed. Though his frame may suggest a fit at defensive tackle, Dallas showed that his athleticism makes sense as an end in their scheme. At 297 pounds, they may want to trim him a bit, but it didn't seem to be any type of problem for him once the whistle blew. His long limbs allow for him to reach through tackles and his quick burst make it easier to beat them. He's also got surprising closing speed for a big man. He is considered a bit of a tweener but he would add some versatility to the defense, something that Rod Marinelli really loves. The NFL is likely going to be surprised with how quickly Ward may transfer his game.

Pick 135: Dak Prescott, QB, Mississippi (CBS 140th)

CBS has Prescott falling quite a bit now and most Cowboys fans will feel a lot better in getting him late into the 4th round. I once had him being slated as a third-round pick but I guess I'm way off here. Still, Prescott has some leadership qualities and improved as a passer in each year with the Bulldogs. The DUI thing will hurt him a little but maybe that helps the Cowboys land a guy they are obvious interested in. He's all over the charts though drawing comparisons to Russell Wilson on one hand then being compared to Tim Tebow on the other. Creating a consistent passer and potential dual-threat athlete will be the Cowboys' biggest task in his development.

Round 6

Pick 189: Romeo Okwara, DE, Notre Dame (CBS 173rd)

Dallas wins here a little on value but Okwara is far from a finished product. He's got some speed and versatility to him with the ability to rush from either end. In the sixth round, you are always looking for traits and here is a blue-collar type of player that gives a relentless effort on every down. As a rotational player, he could provide some stabilization to a defensive line that needs more talent on all levels. He's a bit stiff and will need some help letting loose and becoming a true threat on the edge.

Pick 212: Tyvis Powell, S, Ohio State (CBS 212th)

Powell strikes you as a consistent presence in the secondary. He doesn't have near the accolades that Vonn Bell has but he's projected to have a long career by Brugler. He was honorable mention All-Big 10 and played well in the Senior Bowl. He's a smart young man and has already finished his degree in marketing with eligibility still left as a player. He had 71 tackles last season and three picks as well as being named the MVP of the National Title game in 2014. He just seems to always be the one making the game-sealing play but still has some hard work ahead.

Pick 216: Mike Thomas, WR, Southern Mississippi

I'm confessing to falling in love with this guy as a receiving threat for the Cowboys. Thomas snagged 71 receptions for 1,391 yards and 14 touchdowns in 2015 easily destroying his numbers from 2014 with 41 catches for 592 yards and five touchdowns. Yes, it was against lesser competition, but give the guy a chance. He plays like he is possessed and can't be stopped once he gets going. They can use a poor man's Dez Bryant to give Romo another fiery target.

Pick 217: KeiVarae Russell, CB, Notre Dame

Russell at one time was Notre Dame's best cornerback but after being academically suspended in 2014, it didn't get better. He broke his right tibia last season but is more than worthy of a sixth-round selection. He's got the desired build and traits, just needs someone to give him a shot. His ability to be drafted will be based on his health and interview process. If he passes those tests, he could easily be looked at as a steal and potential starter down the road.

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