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Cowboys News & Notes: Tony Romo Comeback Player Of The Year? Mid-Round Prospects In The Draft

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We get an early prediction for NFL Comeback Player of the Year in the 2016 season. Over at, former NFL fullback Heath Evans made his predictions on various awards and for comeback player he went with Tony Romo. This makes perfect sense and if the 2016 season goes as we hope, no doubt Romo would be the guy to win that award.

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We talk a lot about who we would like the Cowboys to draft in 2016, but what about our NFC East rivals? Who would we hate to see them draft. Jon Machota lists a couple of guys

Question: I'm curious as to what you think of the other NFC East teams' draft needs in the first round. Who should us fans hope those teams DON'T get their hands on?

Jon Machota: In regards to the other NFC East teams, Ezekiel Elliott and Laquon Treadwell would be the ones Cowboys fans should most be concerned about. Not only are they two of the top offensive weapons in this class, but they fit perfectly with teams needs and where the Giants and Eagles are drafting. Cowboys fans should be a little nervous if Elliott goes to the Eagles at No. 8 and then Treadwell goes to the Giants at 10. The Cowboys have interest in both players, but No. 4 might be too early to pull the trigger.

I'll admit, the one thing I'd hate to see is Ezekiel Elliott end up in Philly. Why? Can't stand Philly and Elliott looks to be the real deal. Handling him twice a year will not be pleasant.

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Looking for a nice list of guys the Cowboys could be interested in the middle rounds of the draft? The DMN has a good list, including a guy we just profiled, C.J. Prosise.

C.J. Prosise, RB, Notre Dame. Last season was his first as a running back, but he looked like a natural, rushing for 1,032 yards and 11 touchdowns on only 156 attempts.

Our own Joey Ickes had this to say about Prosise.

CJ Prosise is a very interesting prospect in this class because it's easy to assume he hasn't peaked as a running back yet. His ability as a pass catcher would make him immediately viable on third downs in his rookie year, and he could become a very effective lead back by the second half of the season. I would think that the success of David Johnson in Arizona as a rookie last year would help teams feel more comfortable about a player making the wide receiver to running back transition late in college and having success early in the NFL due to physical traits. The Cardinals' plan for Johnson in 2015 could also set the blueprint for how teams approach working Prosise into their game plans.

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Babe Laufenberg has been on a crusade to get the Cowboys to draft a QB, pushing hard for one at pick number four. I'm not sure I agree with using a pick on the quarterback that high, but he makes a pretty funny point with this quip.

Babe Laufenberg: Oh gosh, seriously, the Packers have drafted more Pro Bowl quarterbacks, albeit they traded them to other teams, than the Cowboys have drafted quarterbacks, period. Because Aaron Brooks was drafted by the Packers. He became a Pro Bowler with New Orleans. Mark Brunnel drafted in the fifth round became a Pro Bowler, obviously, with Jacksonville. Matt Hasselbeck taken in the sixth round became a Pro Bowler at Seattle. Their list goes on and on. It's crazy. Here's the shocking thing, and we have talked about this Kevin...we all know it is the most important position in all of sports.

The Packers do draft well at the QB position.

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Speaking of quarterbacks, local Texas product Trevone Boykin visited Dallas during their Pro Day.

He may not even get the chance as a QB in the NFL, but at least one writer at a site called The Sports Quotient likes the idea for Dallas.

Boykin’s best fit is with a team that has an established quarterback where he can sit and learn the art of being an NFL quarterback. Two teams that would be good fits for Boykin are the Dallas Cowboys and the Baltimore Ravens. Dallas would be a good fit for Boykin because they have an established quarterback in Tony Romo for Boykin to learn from and an exceptional young offensive line for him to play behind if he becomes the starter down the line. He’s also from the Dallas area. and the Cowboys have shown that they’re not afraid to take chances on guys with character concerns.

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The Cowboys best draft move since 2011.Todd Archer goes with Tyron Smith starting the trend of drafting linemen in the first round.

Before 2011, the Cowboys had not selected an offensive lineman in the first round of the draft in the Jerry Jones' era. Then Tyron Smith came along. It worked out so well the Cowboys picked center Travis Frederick in 2013 and guard Zack Martin in 2014 -- both in the first round. The Cowboys had a chance to trade down to accumulate picks, but they ended up taking Smith, who has developed into one of the best tackles in the game. After beginning as a right tackle, Smith moved to left tackle in 2012 and has missed just one game in his career. He has been named to the Pro Bowl the past three seasons and is a two-time All Pro. Even better for the Cowboys, Frederick and Martin have joined Smith at the Pro Bowl the past two seasons. -- Todd Archer

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I really thought the idea of firing Jason Garrett had kind of passed by. But one guy isn't letting it go. Shane Larson at IsportsWeb thinks Garrett is the problem.

There was a lot that contributed to the '14 season so Jason Garrett doesn't deserve all of the credit. The fact is that Garrett actually doesn't know how to win games. It's that simple! The problem is Jerry Jones is too loyal to his family at times and that is causing this to continue on way too long.

If the Cowboys truly want to catapult to the next level, they need to make a change. Not a change at quarterback, runningback, linebacker, etc. A change at the head coaching position. It's like the episode on Family Guy where Stewie is playing "Pictionary" and his teammate is guessing the same thing over and over again. Stewie's response? "It wasn't right the first time you said it, why would it be right the next ten times?!!"

I have a similar mindset when it comes to the Cowboys. We all think Garrett is a great guy, but if it isn't working the first couple of seasons, it's not going to be right. Change needs to be made from the top down and Jason Garrett simply needs to go.

How can you fire Jason Garrett when he's willing to read the first chapter of "Charlotte's Web" to school children?

On Monday, Mineral Wells ISD students will be among tens of thousands of Texas students and their families kicking off a statewide celebration of literacy, called Texas Reads One Book. They will simultaneously watch a videotaped reading of the first chapter of Charlotte’s Web by Dallas Cowboys Head Coach Jason Garrett.

For the second consecutive year, Garrett will kick off this statewide family literacy initiative. His videotaped reading of the first chapter of Charlotte’s Web will be streamed to participating schools statewide at 9 a.m. on April 11.

"If you want to become a better football player, you have to practice," says Garrett in the video. "If you want to become a better reader, you have to practice. It’s fun to read! It’s fun to find out about these characters and many others."

Solid advice Coach Garrett! Is the draft here yet?

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