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Cowboys 2016 Draft Rumors: Cowboys Serious Or Smokescreen On QB At #4

To QB or not to QB, that is the question.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

As will be the case for the next couple of weeks, small rumors and news leaks will dribble out about the 2016 draft in general, and about the Cowboys specifically. We'll do our best to bring them to you and see how they might affect the Cowboys.

The big "rumor" circulating today is a video report from Jason Cole at Bleacher Report, as transcribed by CBS Sports.

"According to a source I talked with on Tuesday, there's a growing sense within the Cowboys organization that the team is serious about taking a quarterback and will consider taking that position at the No. 4 overall spot in the draft. The reason is, is that people within the organization believe that the Cowboys will not be this high in the draft anytime soon after this year. That they suffered a freakish season in which they lost both Tony Romo and Dez Bryant and that caused them to tumble severely.

"Now there's still other people within the organization that's saying defense is a much higher priority for the team and even running back. Somebody such as Ezekiel Elliott out of Ohio State would be a better fit to protect Tony Romo and make sure that this team takes advantage of the opportunity it has right now. However, again, there are people within the organization arguing very strongly in favor of the idea of taking one of the top quarterbacks such as Carson Wentz or Jared Goff at No. 4 if they're available."

As CBS Sports notes in their article about this, Cole is using an awful lot of qualifiers in this report. Phrases like "a growing sense" and "the team is serious about taking a quarterback and will consider taking that position at the No. 4 overall spot" basically sounds like this: the Cowboys are looking at QBs. That is something we pretty much already know since they invited all the top ones in for a visit. In general, this report  seems to be saying that there are some people in the organization who think they should draft a QB. I would say that's a given, but what really matters is what the Joneses, Will McClay and Jason Garrett think. Still, if you are on the QB-train, this is at least a little bit encouraging.

Moving on, a couple of days ago, Peter King's MMQB column contained some insight about the first few picks, let's take a peek. The set up is he asked 10 NFL guys who have power over their team's draft process some questions to try to get a consensus.

Who do you think will be the first player picked in the draft? Eight of the 10 evaluators said Mississippi tackle Laremy Tunsil. One split his vote between Tunsil and Florida State defensive back Jalen Ramsey. The other said Tennessee will trade, and a team will move up to pick North Dakota State quarterback Carson Wentz.

For those of you hoping that Jalen Ramsey might fall to Dallas, the Titans staying put and taking Tunsil is probably not the best thing. Here's a column detailing why the Titans trading the pick to a QB-hungry team is good for the Cowboys' chances at Ramsey.

Who will be the first quarterback picked? Seven votes for Wentz. Three votes for Cal quarterback Jared Goff.

Not much to say here except it's likely the Browns take a a QB, and the prevailing wisdom is that will be Wentz.

What team is most likely to trade into the top five of the first round? Rams: four votes. Eagles: three votes. Bucs: one vote. Niners: one vote. One vote went to no team. "Price is too high," this person said. "I don’t see anyone trading into the top five."

The Rams and Eagles have both been very interested in quarterbacks this offseason. It would make sense for them to be anxious to trade up to get their hands on either Wentz or Goff. Again, if you're a fan of drafting someone other than a QB, then you are hoping that this kind of scenario happens. But more to the point, if the Cowboys are sitting at #4 and Wentz has gone to the Browns, can they entice one of these teams to trade up to the fourth pick and allow Dallas to pick up some extra ammunition in the draft?

If you're on the non-QB-train in the first round, keep on hoping for those trades, either with Dallas directly or with the Titans or Chargers. This could also help land Jalen Ramsey. If you're on the QB-train, hope that Jason Cole's report is strong and not just a routine "one guy said this" thing. Of course, maybe the Cowboys are saying that about being serious at QB in order to get some teams trading up. Ah, draft season, you just never know.

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