The 2016 Draft to Please (almost) Everyone at BtB

Round One: Well, those of us who would like one of the QB's are disappointed. After Tennessee takes the OT as expected, the next 2 picks are Wentz and Goff as teams trade up and go for it. After the initial frustration subsides however, the realization that this means Ramsey has dropped to us at #4 sinks in, and after years of watching a dismal secondary we look forward with hope that he and BJones will make up half of a much better group of DB's as the years go on. There is also now even more flexibility to play Jones at CB if wanted or needed. Working with Scandrick next year, and with Claiborne cheering them on from a comfortable perch on the bench, we see for the first time since Woodson's departure athletic and smart safety play.

Second Round: But we didn't get a QB! Yeah, that sucks, but because we are so high in the order we now have our pick of who is left, as the rest of the QB prospects are passed by. Lynch could still be there. Prescott? Cook? Some say Hackenberg is underrated and has potential that was wasted at Penn State. Are we sure we have a "Franchise QB"? No. BUT at least we drafted a real prospect the team believes in and not a 4th round longshot!

And if you're not a fan of the guy picked, give it a couple of years, and remind yourself of all the starters who weren't #1 choices. There's a couple in Oakland and Seattle playing pretty, pretty well, as Mr. David would say.

Oh, and if you're still not happy, well, it was a second rounder! You know, those picks we always waste anyways on TE's and injured guys who have "potential."

Third Round: What now? Well, pick number 67. There should definitely be value this high in the 3rd. And you know, some here are upset we didn't get Ezekial Ellliot with that first choice and the QB didn't help them feel better. But here's where you can get value, it's a high pick for a RB, but if they really like one of the top guys, maybe it's Booker, Dixon, who knows, someone built for toughness in that short, stocky 215+ weight group, and you realize you don't need the BEST RB, you just need a good one. And this high in the 3rd someone will be there.

OR, RB can wait until that sweet 4th round spot the Cowboys like, and we can please the defense defense defense group. Although a good pass rusher will not be there, this doesn't seem to be a draft full of them anyways. But some decent DT's could still be around. Many here would love to see a great DB at #1 and a big bodied DT who could give us an upgrade over the next few years up the gut. Or maybe a top 5 LB is still around. Somewhere someone will drop, and this high in the third a "second round talent" should still be there at DT, LB, or RB, as teams make surprise/stupid picks, reach, etc.

Ramsey. A decent QB prospect. An upgrade at either RB, DL, or LB.

No one will feel it's perfect, but no one should feel too depressed or upset. Some will not like the QB pick for sure. But knowing BtB, pretty much everyone will be hopeful and predict great things for these choices!

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.