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Cowboys News & Notes: Trade Talk And Quarterback At Four Debate Continues

The draft may be getting closer, but nothing seems to be getting clearer for Dallas or the rest of the league.

Will there be more trade activity this year?
Will there be more trade activity this year?
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Five first-round draft trades that would make sense -

Last year saw little trade activity in the draft compared to most years. With the somewhat weak and muddled draft class this year, there is speculation that things will be much more active. One possible trade that is covered in this article involves the Cowboys, of course.

4. Cowboys move up from No. 34 to 24 (Bengals) to select RB Derrick Henry

The Bengals have a reputation for not trading their picks, but they did move down in 2012 in a trade with Patriots, and might be amenable to do so again for a couple of picks in this deep draft (maybe fourth- and sixth-rounders). Moving down 10 spots won't prevent the Bengals from getting a very good prospect in one of their need areas. The Cowboys would want to get ahead of Seattle and Carolina if they dream of the big back running behind their powerful offensive line.

There are also some new rumors involving action at the top of the first round.

There are some differing ideas here. Quarterback is seen as a likely target, but running back Ezekiel Elliott is also mentioned. While who is of course a source of speculation, there is a feeling that the deal is in place if the Eagles decide to go for it.

Gosselin: Ezekiel Elliott may be the best fallback option the Cowboys have; my concerns with drafting the RB at No. 4 | SportsDay

If the Eagles do indeed move up to snag Elliott, it of course takes him off the board for the Cowboys. That might take the best opportunity for the Cowboys to get a player who is both safe and high impact.

When it's all said and done, Elliott might be the best possible pick. If you don't like the quarterback and pass rusher options at 4, take a guy who softens the void at those two areas of need. Elliott can make your quarterback and defense better just by handing him the ball.

Former NFL safety: RB Ezekiel Elliott, if healthy, would be Hall of Famer with Cowboys | SportsDay

This is of course the thinking of those who like the idea of Zeke for Dallas.

Former Pittsburgh Steeler Ike Taylor has a high opinion of Ezekiel Elliott, with one caveat.

The former safety said on the NFL Network that he believes Elliott is destined for greatness ... if he's drafted by the Dallas Cowboys. He chose the Ohio State running back with the Cowboys' No. 4 pick in his own personal mock draft.

Cowboys' small-school picks have hit lull lately - Dallas Cowboys Blog- ESPN

The Cowboys have a long history of finding NFL caliber talent from smaller, non-FBS schools. Tony Romo is the biggest name currently on the roster. However, in recent years, they seem to be mostly focusing their draft efforts on the big-name schools.

"I think it's important to evaluate the environment the player comes from," coach Jason Garrett said. "The big school, small school thing is a real thing. There's great value in getting a player from the SEC or the Big Ten or the Pac-12, the Big 12. These are the best conferences in college football. They play against the best guys in practice every day. They play against the best guys on Saturday afternoons."

This may be important when considering the hype surrounding NDSU quarterback Carson Wentz.

Can the Dallas Cowboys afford the luxury of a QB at No. 4? | Pro Football Weekly

This report is based on an article by Jason Cole of Bleacher Report, and he is not exactly known for great accuracy concerning the Cowboys. So the fact he only mentions Wentz and Jared Goff as possible options is probably a good indication that they are actually interested in Paxton Lynch.

Pro Football Weekly's 2016 NFL Draft Prospect Preview: Jared Goff | Pro Football Weekly

Goff remains one of the big three QBs this year, and there are some reasons why he might be a good fit for Dallas.

The Chargers or Cowboys could be a sneaky choice to draft and develop a quarterback, and Goff could be an option, given his upside but need to switch systems and add some bulk in an NFL training program.

Cowboys need to find right fit on defensive line - Dallas Cowboys Blog- ESPN

The problem this year is that there are few right defensive ends, or fast pass rushers, in the draft. Free agency saw the Cowboys adding numbers along the defensive line, and that may be the path in the draft as well.

Draft need: HIGH. The Cowboys had a successful enough pass rush in 2014 without what Jerry Jones calls a "wardaddy," when Jeremy Mincey led the team in sacks. But they still need numbers.

Can Notre Dame WR prospect Will Fuller catch on with the Cowboys? | Cowboys Wire

There is a lot of discussion right now about what order the top wide receivers will be taken. Dallas is likely to be interested in who is around when their pick at 34 comes around as a possible direction to go, and Will Fuller may be in the mix there. He offers one big thing the Cowboys need, but he is not a perfect package.

Fuller's obvious positive trait is his speed; he ran a 4.28 forty-yard dash at the Combine, which was this year's fastest time. More than that, however, is his ability to apply that speed: he creates separation late in his routes, using an extra gear when the ball is in the air to leave rival defensive backs wondering where he went. He is also dangerous on short routes, demonstrating the ability quickly to exploit defensive creases, turning safe passes into long gainers. Like his pluses, the check marks in Fuller's "con" column are obvious: he has far too many dropped passes, which are the result of body catching (not extending his hands to catch the ball) and inconsistent concentration.

Jason Witten: The Cowboys Brotherhood Is Getting Stronger - Scout

In a bit of non-draft news, Jason Witten talks a bit about how the team is doing mentally as they get ready to improve on last year's debacle.

ARE YOUR OUTINGS WITH COACH GARRETT EXAMPLES OF HOW CLOSE THIS TEAM IS? -- "Yeah. I think it is. It's a real brotherhood, and ultimately that's what we'll all remember on that journey is that brotherhood, being called a teammate, and having coaches that you want to play for and they want to see you have success. Hopefully we're able to play in those big games and we're working our tails off to try to do it. It's good to go through life with such amazing men."

The NFL should stop messing around and just get rid of kickoffs -

The league is tinkering with the rules to try and reduce injuries, but moving the touchback line out to the 25 may actually lead to more balls returned as teams kick it high and short to put the opponent deeper in their end of the field. Is the kickoff really needed anymore, or just something like the drop kick that can just die a natural death? Here is an argument with some suggested alternatives. What do you think?

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