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Cowboys 2016 Draft: What The Titans Trading The Top Pick Means For Dallas

The Titans just loaded up on draft picks by moving out of the first spot.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans traded the top pick in the draft to the Los Angeles Rams. The deal is a windfall of picks for the Titans, who could certainly get better as a team quickly if they managed the next couple of drafts correctly. Here are the terms of the trade from our sister site Music City Miracles:

Titans receive from Rams:

1st round pick (15 overall)
2nd round pick (43)
2nd round pick (45)
3rd round pick (76)
1st round pick in 2017
3rd round pick in 2017

Rams receive from Titans:

1st round pick (1 overall)
4th round pick (113)
6th round pick (177)

So, what does this mean for Dallas? There are a few things to take in on this move.

1. The Rams are making this move for a quarterback, make no mistake. There is no way you give up this quantity of picks for anything other than your future franchise quarterback. So the best bet is either Carson Wentz or Jared Goff will now be the number one pick. (Rumor is the Rams covet Wentz). That's one quarterback off the board.

2. Now it's up to the Browns. Do they believe enough in Robert Griffin III as a potential long-term solution? How much do they love whichever quarterback is leftover once the Rams pick? Or, will they try to trade out to another quarterback-hungry team? If Cleveland stays put they could go ahead and draft a quarterback, that's the conventional wisdom, and if they do then we now have Laremy Tunsil still on the board as well as Jalen Ramsey.

3. The Chargers are up and my bet would be they would take Laremy Tunsil. San Diego has all kinds of problems along their offensive line and to get a player like Tunsil could go a long way towards extending Philip Rivers' time as a quality quarterback.

4. Dallas is then presented with the option of drafting Jalen Ramsey or trying to trade down. Unless someone knocks them out with a package of picks, they should just go ahead and draft Ramsey, a player who looks like a future star.

That's an immediate look at how things could go. But Cleveland could make things very interesting, especially if they decide to pass on whoever is leftover at quarterback. Then you would likely have either Wentz or Goff on the board when Dallas picks.

Todd Archer makes the argument that the Cowboys likely won't be drafting this high again anytime soon. So they need to take their best shot at drafting a quarterback now, because say the Cowboys go 8-8 over the next season or two. Then they will be in about the same place as the Rams were in this draft (pick #15) and just look at how much they would have to expend to get towards the top of the draft for a better shot at a franchise quarterback to replace Romo. He thinks this strengthens the argument to take a quarterback now.

I'll have to respectfully disagree. With this trade, at least one of the top two quarterbacks will be gone, and the other could very likely go to Cleveland. Unless the Cowboys are enamored with the one quarterback out of Goff or Wentz who would be left if Cleveland doesn't take one, or they secretly think Paxton Lynch is worthy of pick number four, then they need to take Ramsey or trade down.

There is till one more permutation to look at. What if the Chargers take Ramsey instead of Tunsil? Then the Cowboys are back in the position of possibly grabbing the leftover quarterback, trading down or taking Joey Bosa, Ezekiel Elliott or someone else. Or, is Tunsil too good to pass on? Do the Cowboys try and create the best line in history?

Good times.

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