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Dallas Cowboys 2016 NFL Schedule: Game Times, Strength Of Schedule, And More...

The NFL released the schedule. What's on deck for the Dallas Cowboys? When do they play and what's the strength of schedule? All that and more right here

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

We're two weeks away from Football Christmas, that is the 2016 NFL Draft. However, just to wet the whistle, how about the schedule release? We'll certainly post many predictions and reactions over the next few days...

Week 1: 4:25PM ET Giants @ Cowboys
Week 2: 1:00PM ET Cowboys @ Redskins
Week 3:  8:30PM ET Bears @ Cowboys (SNF)
Week 4: 4:25PM ET Cowboys @ 49ers
Week 5: 4:25PM ET Bengals @ Cowboys
Week 6: 4:25PM ET Cowboys @ Packers
Week 7: BYE
Week 8: 8:30PM ET Eagles @ Cowboys (SNF)
Week 9: 1:00PM ET Cowboys @ Browns
Week 10: 4:25PM ET Cowboys @ Steelers
Week 11: 1:00 PM ET Ravens @ Cowboys
Week 12:  4:30 PM ET Redskins @ Cowboys (Thanksgiving)
Week 13: 8:25 PM ET Cowboys @ Vikings (TNF)
Week 14: 8:30 PM ET Cowboys @ Giants (SNF)
Week 15: 1:00 PM ET Buccaneers @ Cowboys
Week 16: 8:30 PM ET Lions @ Cowboys (MNF)
Week 17: 1:00 PM ET Cowboys @ Eagles

Primetime Games: 5

Last year, Cowboys had five games, now it's five again, here they are:

Week 3: SNF with the Bears

Week 8: SNF with the Eagles

Week13: TNF with the Vikings

Week 14: SNF with the Giants

Week16: MNF with the Lions

This is no shocker, the Dallas Cowboys always seem to have networks lining up to televise their games. For a 4-12 team last year, the Cowboys took home first, second, and third place in the NFL highest TV ratings sweepstakes:

1. Panthers @ Cowboys (Thanksgiving Day) - 32.5 Million Viewers (CBS)
2. Seahawks @ Cowboys (November 1st) - 29.4 Million Viewers (FOX)
3. Cowboys @ Packers (December 13th) - 28.9 Million Viewers (FOX)

Over/ Under Win Total: 9 Wins

Here's what Vegas has in-store for the Dallas Cowboys and 31 other teams in 2016. It seems they certainly think the Cowboys' ship will be righted by the returns of Dez Bryant and Tony Romo. Dallas is tied for 9th highest wins in the NFL, 1.5 games better than their NFC East counterparts.

Strength of Schedule: T-27th (0.465)

The Cowboys hope that with a good bill of health, they will be far better than they were in 2015. The strength of schedule doesn't always give you an idea of what's to come, but fingers crossed that the Cowboys get a bit of luck.

Cowboys Preseason Schedule:

Week 1: Cowboys @ Rams (Aug. 13th)

Week 2: Dolphins @ Cowboys (Aug. 18th - 22nd)

Week 3: Cowboys @ Seahawks (Aug. 25th - 28th)

Week 4: Texans @ Cowboys (Sep. 1st - 2nd) -Governor's Cup

All-Time Regular Season Record Versus 2016 Opponents

49ers: 11-15 
Bears:  12-11 
Bengals: 7-4
Browns: 12-15 
Buccaneers: 11-4
Eagles: 61-49
Giants: 62-43
Lions: 12-11
Packers: 12-14
Ravens: 0-4
Redskins: 66-42
Steelers: 15-13
Vikings: 11-11

2017 Opponents

Home: Giants, Eagles, Redskins, Rams, Seahawks, Chiefs, Chargers, NFC North
Away: Giants, Eagles, Redskins, Cardinals, 49ers, Broncos, Raiders, NFC South

2018 Opponents

Home: Giants, Eagles, Redskins, Saints, Buccaneers, Jaguars, Titans, NFC North
Away: Giants, Eagles, Redskins, Falcons, Panthers, Colts, Texans, NFC West

2019 Opponents

Home: Giants, Eagles, Redskins, Packers, Vikings, Bills, Dolphins, NFC West
Away: Giants, Eagles, Redskins, Bears, Lions, Patriots, Jets, NFC South

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