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Cowboys 2016 Schedule: Predicting Each Game's Result And Final Record

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys schedule was released earlier tonight. Please check here if you haven't seen it yet. The Cowboys will open the season by hosting an NFC East division rival, the New York Giants. In fact, the Cowboys end up playing a slate of rivals and playoff teams in the first part of the schedule.

The first two games are against NFC East foes New York and Washington. Washington will be a road test and they are a team that always seems to battle the Cowboys close. We have to remember they are the NFC East champs from last year. They are among three playoff teams the Cowboys play in their first six games. The other two are the Bengals and the Packers. Those two games come in successive weeks (Week 5 and Week 6). When you look at this early part of the schedule, they really need to take care of the two "lesser" teams they face in Week 3 and Week 4. There they get the Bears and the 49ers.

My prediction for this early part of the schedule is 4-2 with the losses coming at Washington and at Green Bay.  The Cowboys then get a bye in Week 7. That's actually not a bad spot, I would prefer Week 9 or 10, when players are really beat up and need a rest, but at least it' s not Week 4 or 5.

After the break, the Cowboys host Philly, and then get a stretch of AFC North teams in the Browns, Steelers and the Ravens. I'm going with a 3-1 record here with the loss coming at Pittsburgh. The Cowboys are now 7-3.

At this point, Dallas hosts Washington on Thanksgiving then turns around and plays the Vikings on the next Thursday. Win over Washington, loss to the Vikings makes them 8-4.

The home stretch features games with the Giants, the Bucs, the Lions and the Eagles. Cowboys will split here, losing to the Giants and to the Eagles on the road.

Dallas goes 10-6 on the season.

What's your prediction, BTB?

W  -- Week 1: 4:25PM ET Giants @ Cowboys
L -- Week 2: 1:00PM ET Cowboys @ Redskins
W -- Week 3: 8:30PM ET Bears @ Cowboys (SNF)
W-- Week 4: 4:25PM ET Cowboys @ 49ers
W -- Week 5: 4:25PM ET Bengals @ Cowboys
L -- Week 6: 4:25PM ET Cowboys @ Packers
Week 7: BYE
W -- Week 8: 8:30PM ET Eagles @ Cowboys (SNF)
W -- Week 9: 1:00PM ET Cowboys @ Browns
L -- Week 10: 4:25PM ET Cowboys @ Steelers
W -- Week 11: 1:00 PM ET Ravens @ Cowboys
W -- Week 12: 4:30 PM ET Redskins @ Cowboys (Thanksgiving)
L -- Week 13: 8:25 PM ET Cowboys @ Vikings (TNF)
L -- Week 14: 8:30 PM ET Cowboys @ Giants (SNF)
W -- Week 15: 1:00 PM ET Buccaneers @ Cowboys
W -- Week 16: 8:30 PM ET Lions @ Cowboys (MNF)
L -- Week 17: 1:00 PM ET Cowboys @ Eagles

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