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Cowboys News & Notes: Titans-Rams Deal Impacts Cowboys Options at #4

It looks like Wentz and Goff will now go first and second in the draft but this means that there will be more potential options for Dallas as the draft opens.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Cowboys 2016 Draft: What The Titans Trading The Top Pick Means For Dallas     Dave Halprin, Blogging The Boys

With the news that the Tennessee Titans had made a deal that will allow the Rams to secure the first overall selection in the 2016 NFL Draft any speculation that Dallas will select a passer on the opening night of this year's affair were effectively put to rest. BTB's editor gives us a look at how the deal will impact the Cowboys.

Dallas Cowboys: How Long can Jason Witten be Jason Witten?     Matt Urben, Cover 32

With one question answered, Cover 32 moved on to a question that fans have been asking themselves. Jason Witten does seem ageless, maybe even immortal, but there will come a day when the beloved Senator will eventually hang up his pads for the final time. Urben asks the question and then follows with some speculation based on the performance of Witten's contemporaries around the league.

At 34-years-old next season, which is about 50 in football years, Witten looks like he can continue to be a difference-maker for a short-while longer. So how many more seasons can Witten continue to play like a top-ten tight end when healthy?

Cowboys To Open Against Giants, Will Play Six National TV Games In 2016     David Helman,

We have known who the Cowboys will play for a while now. The actual schedules were released today and we now know when. This season starts off with an NFC East showdown against the New York Giants followed by a second division opponent the following week.

Of note, especially to fans who live in markets outside the Dallas area, is that Dallas will have several games that will be nationally broadcast in 2016. This includes both Monday and Thursday night telecasts.

2016 Dallas Cowboys game-by-game prediction     Todd Archer, ESPN

And just that quick the pundits are coming along with their predictions. Personally, I love these stories, not for what they are but they are fun to go back to at the end of the season and see just how expert the "experts" are.

David Moore's top five players on Cowboys' draft board: No. 2, DB Jalen Ramsey     Dallas Morning News

David Moore gave the SportsDay DFW staff a rundown of the top five players on his draft board, along with a rundown of his belief that Greg Hardy was a bad influence on Randy Gregory last season.  Jalen Ramsey fans should not get two excited though, as Moore also speculates that the Florida State DB will be taken right in front of the Cowboys. Of course that would pave the way for another fan favorite to fall into the welcoming arms of the faithful, Myles Jack.

Emmitt Smith raves on prospect Ezekiel Elliott, but says Cowboys should pass     Drew Davison, Ft Worth Star-Telegram

You may have heard the saying that you can tell a wise man by how often he agrees with you. In my book that makes Smith a wise man because he sees Ezekiel Elliott through the same eves that I do. I would love to see the Buckeye runner lining up behind the offensive line the Cowboys have built, but there are just too many reasons why drafting him at #4 is not a wise move for Dallas.

"It's like having five cars and buying another one. I can only drive one at a time," Smith said. "You've got two good cars [in McFadden and Morris], either way it goes. If you get Elliott, you're still going to have another car. So you may as well roll with what you have.
"I love Ezekiel. I really do. I think he's very special, but you have two guys. Two veterans."

It feels a bit like Dallas may be saying 'No' to the next Smith or Dorsett, but I have to agree with what Emmitt says.

Possible Pick: RB Dixon Crossed The Goal Line With Regularity At Louisiana Tech     Rob Phillips, Dallas

Since we are talking about running backs, lets look at one who it makes sense for the Cowboys to consider investing in, Kenneth Dixon of Louisiana Tech. He is not an Ezekiel Elliot, but Dixon is pretty close to being on par with the better known Derrick Henry from Alabama. Dixon proved to be a touchdown machine in college, and that is something that Dallas could use from a running back. Here is a little bit to get you intrigued:

Thick build. Quickness and balance. Catches the ball well on the move. Can make defender miss. Works hard to finish. Running style all over the place. Plays with explosive quickness. Start-stop quickness. Hard to tackle. Aware cut blocker on the edge. Vision to see the holes.

For the rest you are going to have to check out the article yourself.

It's a boy! Basketball Wives star Draya Michele welcomes son Jru with Dallas Cowboys player Orlando Scandrick     Heidi Parker, The Daily Mail

I always like to conclude with something light-hearted; today we will end with something a little different. Congratulations, Mr. Scandrick. It's a cornerback. By the way, Orlando, when you are handing out cigars please remember my colleague, Tom Ryle, enjoys a good smoke.

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