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Post Titans-Rams Mock Draft Tracker: Cowboys Can Get Top Defender, But Which One?

We take a look at 18 mocks published after yesterday's blockbuster trade to see how the trade impacted the Cowboys' choices at No.4.

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Yesterday's trade announcement between the Rams and the Titans basically completely broke every mock draft published up to that point, and the mock drafters of the world are scrambling to pick up the pieces.

Some of the early birds have already updated their mocks to reflect yesterday's announcement, and we take an early look at what those mocks have in store for the Cowboys specifically and for the top four picks in general.

Site No. 1 No. 2 No. 3 No. 4
Bleacher Report (Miller) Goff Wentz Tunsil Ramsey
CBSSports (Brugler) Wentz Goff Tunsil Ramsey
CBSSports (Prisco) Wentz Goff Tunsil Ramsey
CBSSports (Brinson) Wetz Goff Tunsil Ramsey
DraftKing (Pickney) Wentz Goff Tunsil Ramsey
Walter Football (Cherepinsky) Wentz Goff Tunsil Ramsey
Drafttek Wentz Goff Tunsil Ramsey
Newsday Wentz Goff Tunsil Ramsey
PFF (Collinsworth) Wentz Goff Tunsil Bosa
CBSSports (Rang) Wentz Goff Ramsey Bosa (Jeremiah) Wentz Jack Ramsey Bosa
Draftwire (Ledyard) Goff Wentz Tunsil Elliott Wentz Goff Ramsey Elliott
Detroit Free Press Goff Tunsil Ramsey Elliott (Zierlein) Wentz Jack Ramsey Goff
Baltimore Sun Wentz
San Diego Times Union Wentz Bosa Tunsil Jack Wentz

And now for the Cowboys-specific write-ups:

Jalen Ramsey, CB, Florida State

Bleacher Report: The Cowboys continue to build a dynamic secondary by pairing Ramsey, the top player on my board, with last year's first-round pick, Byron Jones.

DraftKing: Ramsey is an elite talent, a natural safety who moved to cornerback last season for Florida State due to the Seminoles' team needs. He was outstanding when I first saw him in 2011 while doing color commentary for a webcast of his game in Nashville with Brentwood Academy against Father Ryan High School, and in Tallahassee he developed into a special player.

Walter Football: In my Rams-Titans Trade Winners and Losers page, I mentioned that the Cowboys were a winner. They love Joey Bosa, but Jalen Ramsey is the top player on their board. There's a chance the Chargers could take Ramsey, but if they snatch Laremy Tunsil, Dallas will be thrilled to obtain the top defender - and maybe best-overall prospect - in this class.

Drafttek: Ramsey started all 41 games the past three seasons for the Seminoles and finished with 3 INT, 180 tackles (including 15 for loss), and 23 pass breakups. Despite Ramsey's long strides, he exhibits fluid change-of-direction skills, and was controlled in his pedal transition. His anticipation, vision, and instincts allow him to see the field extremely well with awareness and timing to create turnovers. Ramsey also closes rapidly and wraps well as a willing run defender. Dallas has a similar athlete in 2015 1st Rounder Byron Jones; it would be interesting to bookend these young players at CB early and then combine as a top safety tandem in the future.

Newsday: The Cowboys drafted a cornerback in the first round last year in Byron Jones, but they gave him looks at safety toward the end of last season, and it appears that they may have him play centerfield exclusively in 2016. In that case, they'll need a playmaking cornerback to pair with Orlando Scandrick, especially if they decide to cut the underachieving Brandon Carr after June 1. Jalen Ramsey, who may be the best overall defender in this class, is that playmaker.

CBSSports (Brugler): The Cowboys will likely go defense with this pick, but do they go with the pass rusher (Bosa), linebacker (Jack) or defensive back (Ramsey)? I'll guess they address the secondary, adding Ramsey at cornerback and moving last year's first round pick Byron Jones to safety full-time.

CBSSports (Prisco): He can play either corner or safety in their defense and I think he could be really good at both. There is value in versatility.

CBSSports (Brinson): Huge win for the Cowboys. They get the most versatile defensive back in the draft and a guy who will immediately upgrade their defense, potentially the top player on their entire draft board.

Joey Bosa, DE, Ohio State

PFF: Defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli will get a defensive end who perfectly matches his work ethic. Bosa may not be J.J. Watt, but he’ll work just as hard. Bosa is one of those admired football players who lifts players around him as they try to match his effort. Bosa is not a quick-twitch, pure pass-rusher, so don’t expect a 15-sack season, but if healthy, Bosa will consistently deliver 10 sacks per year and dominate his space in the running game — similar to Cameron Jordan of the Saints. It wouldn’t stun me to see Bosa play outside linebacker in a 3-4 Bill Belichick-type defense either. Bosa would be a hammer setting the edge on runs, and destroy backs and tight ends trying to block him. This is an easy choice for me, but FSU cornerback Jalen Ramsey will be a great temptation here and could easily be the Cowboys’ pick. (Jeremiah): The Cowboys need to upgrade the pass rush and Bosa also adds versatility.

CBSSports (Rang): The Cowboys face a fascinating decision with this pick because the club could build for the future with a quarterback to groom behind Toy Romo or opt for the more immediate impact potential of a standout defender like Bosa. Jerry Jones has never been one to exercise caution. Bosa isn't a flashy athlete and may never be a 10-plus sack-a-season player in the NFL. He's pro-ready, though, showing awareness and strength to handle run-stuffing duties as well as the burst and refined hand play to attack the quarterback.

Detroit Free Press: The Cowboys also might be tempted to grab Carson Wentz as their QB of the future in this scenario

Jared Goff, QB, California (Zierlein): If Wentz goes first, then a run on the first three quarterbacks could get jump-started early. Joey Bosa could be a very difficult player for the Cowboys to pass on here, but a potential future franchise quarterback might be even harder to pass on.

Baltimore Sun: There's growing buzz suggesting the Cowboys want to find Tony Romo's replacement -- that this is the last time in a long time they'll have a top five pick and can snag one of the elite signal callers. Count me convinced.

Ezekiel Elliott, RB, Ohio State

Draftwire: With a loaded roster that is ready for a deep playoff run if healthy, I’m just not sure Jerry Jones can pass on an exceptional talent like Ezekiel Elliott in the Dallas backfield. Jalen Ramsey will also be considered here, but the Cowboys are built to win now, and Elliott is the most NFL-ready skill player in this year’s draft. The first real surprise of the draft comes from Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys. Ezekiel Elliott visited Dallas and seems enamored with the idea of wearing the star and while it could be a reach to take a running back this high, the Cowboys are bereft of talent at the position.

Myles Jack, LB, UCLA

San Diego Times Union: According to Pro Football Focus, Jack was the top-graded linebacker in coverage in 2014 while playing the third-most snaps in the country with 1,109. The 20-year-old did the bench press, attended team interviews and underwent a medical check in Indianapolis, but he wowed scouts at UCLA's Pro Day with a vertical jump of 40 inches and broad jump of 10-feet, 4 inches. This just 53 days after being cleared to run following a season-ending knee injury. He claimed he was only "80 percent." Scary.

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