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Dallas Cowboys 2016 Draft: Three Trades Dallas Could Make If Laremy Tunsil Is Available At #4

The Cowboys must be prepared for anything when pick four rolls around, including dealing away one of the top players in the draft.

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The Los Angeles Rams shook up the mock world when they traded with the Tennessee Titans to get the number one overall pick in the draft. Congratulations on landing your new quarterback. With the Rams moving up to take a quarterback, this could have a domino effect for the picks that follow. No longer do the Cleveland Browns get the first crack at a quarterback. This could mean that the top two picks are now quarterbacks. Not only that, but Laremy Tunsil is back in the mix for the San Diego Chargers, who desperately need help on the offensive line. This could mean great news if you love Jalen Ramsey as the chances to grab the defensive back from Florida State just got better. Many are hoping the first three picks go as follows:

1. Rams - Carson Wentz
2.Browns - Jared Goff
3. Chargers - Laremy Tunsil

This would give the Cowboys the best defensive player in the draft at a position where the team has a big need. It would be super fantastic.

But things don't always fall into place so nicely. While a QB at #1 is a foregone conclusion, Ramsey could still be snagged with pick #2 or #3. When Dallas is on the clock, the best player on the board could be the left tackle from Ole Miss, Laremy Tunsil. While Tunsil is an amazing talent, adding him to the Cowboys offensive line would be an over-extension of resources. This unit is already outstanding. How much better would he make it? Sure, he'd help out, but the Cowboys need a player whose impact can be felt a little more. They can't draft Tunsil.

Even though Tunsil isn't very valuable to Dallas as a player, that doesn't mean he can't be valuable to them in another way - as a 310 pound bargaining chip. Many people have the left tackle as the best player in the draft. If he falls to four, it would be an opportunity for a team that needs offensive line help to get a star player at a cheaper price. The Cowboys front office might be able to work this in their favor by moving back to where they can still get one of the players they covet, but acquire some extra draft stock in the process. Here are three possible trade scenarios where teams might make a play for Tunsil at a discounted price.

Trade with San Francisco - pick 4 (1800 pts) for pick 7 (1500 pts) + pick 68 (250 pts)

The 49ers need a quarterback, but if the top two are off the board, they may be out of luck. Pick seven seems a little early to go after Paxton Lynch. The 49ers also need a lot of help on the offensive line, but they could choose to just wait it out and select Ronnie Stanley from Notre Dame. Stanley might be a smidge early to take at seven, but the 49ers could decide to move up a few spots to land a much more talented blocker in Tunsil. Such a small move would only cost them a third-round pick.

If the Cowboys made this move, their first three rounds of the draft could look like this:

Pick 7 - RB, Ezekiel Elliott

Pick 34 - DE, Emmanuel Ogbah

Pick 67 - SS, Karl Joseph

Pick 68 - QB, Dak Prescott

The Cowboys would be able to take four players within the first 68 picks in the draft. They can do some damage with that type of draft resources. They'd be able to fill several needs, including help at rushing the quarterback and in the secondary. Dallas would also have the electric running back, Ezekiel Elliott as well as a developmental QB option.

Trade with Chicago - pick 4 (1800 pts) for pick 11 (1250 pts) + pick 41 (490 pts)

The Bears have constantly been plagued with an inability to protect their quarterback and a player like Tunsil would be a huge addition to their line. They could cross their fingers and hope Stanley makes it to them, or they could decide to go big and move up for Tunsil. A trade with the Bears could give the Cowboys the following:

Pick 11 - CB, Vernon Hargreaves III

Pick 34 - DE, Emmanuel Ogbah

Pick 41 - QB, Connor Cook

Pick 67 - RB, Kenneth Dixon

Again, the Cowboys get four players in the premium part of the draft. And again, they address the same type of needs, just in a different manner. On defense, the Cowboys get a lockdown corner and a strong pass rusher. On offense, they still get a QB/RB combo, only they go a little earlier at the quarterback position. A talent like Kenneth Dixon is great value at that point in the draft.

Trade with Tennessee - pick 4 (1800 pts) for pick 15 (1050 pts) + pick 43 (470 pts) + pick 64 (270 pts)

For months Tunsil has been projected to the Titans as they have a huge need at tackle. That need is still there. But now, they have a bunch of extra chips in play after the shearing of the Rams. Tennessee could still get the player they wanted all along as well as still having extra picks from Los Angeles. Such a back-and-forth maneuver would be something fans haven't seen since Sonny Weaver Jr. worked his magic for the Cleveland Browns. But enough of patting the Titans on the back - what's in it for Dallas?

Pick 15 - QB, Paxton Lynch

Pick 34 - DE, Emmanuel Ogbah

Pick 43 - WR, Tyler Boyd

Pick 64 - SS, Karl Joseph

Pick 67 - RB, Kenneth Dixon

Once again, the same positions are covered, only now the QB has been upgraded to Paxton Lynch. The quarterback from Memphis was thought to be a target of the Rams when they were sitting at 15. Dallas could still grab one of the better QBs in the draft and obtain a bunch of other picks in the process.

Laremy Tunsil being there at four is a real possibility so the Cowboys need to be prepared to wheel and deal if that happens. Dallas could go another direction and just take another player at four, but if that player doesn't have them excited, moving back is the right thing to do. With a talent like Tunsil on the board to draw interest, the Cowboys should be able to finagle something to open up some more opportunities in the draft.

Do any of these trade scenarios appeal to you? What would you do if Tunsil was still available when it's the Cowboys turn to pick?

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