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Should Cowboys Be Interested In Just-Released Texans QB Brian Hoyer?

Spoiler alert: Yes, they should.

A possible solution to the backup QB situation in Dallas.
A possible solution to the backup QB situation in Dallas.
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It has been announced that the Houston Texans have released quarterback Brian Hoyer. He is now available for any team to sign. And he may be a good way to address the biggest failing of free agency for the Dallas Cowboys. They were unable to get another backup quarterback, leaving them (at the moment) with Kellen Moore.

Hoyer had some dismal outings for the Texans last year, but he also had some successful days, and finished with 2,606 yards, 19 touchdowns, and seven interceptions over nine starts. Unfortunately for him, his two worst games were probably the first one of the season and the playoff loss, not good bookends for his resume. Now that the Texans have signed Brock Osweiler to a big deal, Hoyer became expendable. The Texans were reportedly shopping him and were apparently unable to find anyone willing to part with a draft pick for him. That may be more a reflection of the fact that it was becoming clear that Houston would not keep him and he would be available without having to part with anything at some point than anything else. It may well be exactly the game Dallas was playing.

The Cowboys are in need of more quarterbacks for training camp, if nothing else. With Tony Romo recovering from his collarbone injuries and corrective surgery, the team will not want to overwork him. At the moment, they only have Moore and Jameill Showers on the roster, and Showers may have a future as a special teams ace instead of a QB. It is likely that Dallas will want to carry at least five quarterbacks in any case, so if they should sign Hoyer, they will still be in the market for at least one in the draft. Hoyer would be competing for the QB2 job, not to become Romo's heir, so he would not impact the search for a future starter. He does help keep the team from drafting a quarterback whose ceiling is almost certainly a backup, which is not the best use of your draft capital.

While a contract for a quality backup QB is not cheap, the Cowboys, if interested, would almost certainly make sure they had the ability to get out of it if Hoyer did not prove he was indeed better than Moore in camp and preseason. They are likely to have some competition for him, with Rotoworld already reporting that the Pittsburgh Steelers may try to sign him. Dallas has clearly demonstrated that it will not get into a bidding war and has some firm financial guidelines, so there is certainly no guarantee that they could get Hoyer if they make the attempt. But given the current state of the roster and the dismal backup play during the Great Debacle of 2015, this looks like something they should definitely make a run at.

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