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Dak Prescott Coming In For Official Visit With Cowboys Today

Prescott is the seventh QB the Cowboys have brought in for an official visit.

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Add one more name to the official list of Cowboys visitors.

That ups the number of official visitors on our Pre-Draft Visit Tracker from 28 to 29. It also leaves other visitor trackers that hastily proclaimed to have the names of the 30 official visitors scrambling to figure out which name on their list is wrong.

Prescott's visit also ups the number of quarterbacks the Cowboys have brought in for official visits to seven. The Cowboys had previously brought in Jared Goff, Carson Wentz, Paxton Lynch, Christian Hackenberg, Connor Cook and Jacoby Brissett to their facility for pre-draft visits.

Additionally, the Cowboys have had private workouts or extended meetings with three more QBs: Cardale Jones, Brandon Allen, and Trevone Boykin - if you want to consider Boykin a QB and not a WR.

The Cowboys had previously already shown extensive interest in Prescott and had multiple interactions with him, so Prescott already knows the staff fairly well.

In January the Cowboys interacted extensively with Prescott at the Senior Bowl.

In February, Prescott met the Cowboys at the Combine, where he talked to QB coach Wade Wilson.

"Coach Wilson just [talked] about what they expect me to do if I come in there, if it's to be in the backup role behind Tony Romo, how do I plan on approaching it and then just talking ball," Prescott said at the combine about the meeting. "They've been productive meetings. He told me their picks and told me that they're thinking about getting a quarterback with one of those picks. He was saying that if I work hard, things maybe could work out."

In March Wade Wilson traveled to Starkville, Miss., to conduct a private workout with Prescott, who had started getting comfortable with the relationship.

"I feel like I know a couple of staffs pretty well, staffs I have a good feeling about, and the Cowboys are definitely one of them," Prescott said.

As an NFL QB prospect, Prescott might be a little small at 6' 2", 226 pounds, but he has a solid build and plays with physical strength when he runs; he plays with smarts and is a dedicated worker; and his completion percentage has gone up ever year in college, as the table below shows:

Year G Cmp Att Pct Yds Y/A AY/A TD INT Rate
2012 12 18 29 62.1 194 6.7 9.4 4 0 163.8
2013 11 156 267 58.4 1940 7.3 6.8 10 7 126.6
2014 13 244 396 61.6 3449 8.7 8.8 27 11 151.7
2015 13 316 477 66.2 3793 8.0 8.7 29 5 151
Career 49 734 1169 62.8 9376 8.0 8.3 70 23 146

Still, he remains a later-round developmental prospect for a reason, but he could be a good fit in Dallas.

The Cowboys haven't drafted a quarterback in the first three rounds since taking Quincy Carter in 2001, and they have substantial needs elsewhere. But if an intriguing prospect is available in the third round or later, Dallas might want to consider the investment.

The fit: Mississippi State's Dak Prescott might present an intriguing option as a developmental quarterback for Jason Garrett's staff. He'll need plenty of time to refine his footwork and other elements of his game as a pocket passer, but he could bring value in the long term.

A few weeks ago, KC Joyner of ESPN ranked the QBs in the 2016 draft class using the Bill Parcells QB Rules as a measuring stick. At the time, Joyner did not include Prescott in his analysis for whatever reason, but now he is:

Parcells QB rules
QB rules Connor
3-year starter Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Senior in college Yes No No Yes No Yes
Graduated from College Yes No No Yes No Yes
Started 30 games Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Won 23 games Yes No No No No Yes
2-to-1 TD/INT Ratio Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Completion rate > 60% No Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Total 6 4 4 4 2 7

Prescott is the seventh QB the Cowboys have brought in for an official visit, and he checks all seven boxes of the Parcells QB rules.

Will he be the Cowboys' lucky number seven?

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