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Cowboys News & Notes: Some Clarity About How Cowboys Draft Planst, Trades An Option?

Word is that there may be a new front-runner emerging, at least with part of the staff. Plus all the other news you can use about America's Team.

Is this the new front-runner for Dallas' first pick?
Is this the new front-runner for Dallas' first pick?
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The question of who the Dallas Cowboys will take in the draft is of course one of great interest. While the team is still in the process of getting the draft board finalized, there were several of the more credible voices on Twitter putting out variations of this:

For the moment, and with the Dallas draft board still being finalized, it does look like it is getting down to a four man list if the Cowboys stay at four: Ezekiel Elliott, Jalen Ramsey, Joey Bosa, and Paxton Lynch. There also seems to be a split on the staff as to who is the real front runner, with the scouts liking Ramsey while the coaches are fans of Elliott.

Is Ezekiel Elliott Worth a 1st Round Selection | BSO

There still remains a question about taking a running back with the fourth overall pick. However, Elliott may be the kind of player to make that a serious idea.

Watch the film on Elliott and you'll see that he may be the game changer that even in a quarterback driven league, teams secretly crave. Zeke finished fifth in the Football Bowl Subdivision, or Division I, with over 1,800 rushing yards and 23 touchdowns this season. Over the past two years, he tallied 3,699 rushing yards, 41 TDs and topped that off with 55 receptions.

But will the Cowboys stay at four? Stephen Jones also mentioned that the team was not getting a lot of phone calls from teams looking to trade up, but that may be because there are still two teams ahead of them that are looking to move back.

Adam Schefter Says Browns Aren't Going QB at No. 2, and Are Taking the Highest Bidder for a Trade - Dawgs By Nature

There have been persistent reports that the Cleveland Browns are looking to trade back to get more picks, and Adam Schefter of ESPN is one of the people putting that out. Here is part of his reasoning:

Even before this (the Rams/Titans) trade was being made, I was of the understanding that Cleveland was not going quarterback. That was my firm and distinct impression and intel. Now if that is accurate, and I believe it is, then I think this trade is a good thing for Cleveland. Now, Cleveland is sitting in that second hole. If any other team wants a quarterback, and there are teams who want that other quarterback, they have to come to Cleveland, and Cleveland gets to name that price.

And it appears it is not just the Browns that are shopping their pick.

Depending on who slides (it could mean Laremy Tunsil is now likely to still be available when Dallas goes on the clock), there might be demand for the fourth pick. Or, if all the first three picks are traded, the demand might just be dried up.

Cowboys don't need major draft investment on offensive line - Dallas Cowboys Blog- ESPN

Speaking of Tunsil, would he be a realistic option for the Cowboys to take and have five first round talent starters? Todd Archer does not think so.

Draft need: LOW: They have made their investments already with first rounders Smith, Frederick and Martin. They have committed to Collins as well, fully guaranteeing his contract. They addressed the swing tackle spot last year in Green as a third rounder. Teams can always use offensive linemen, but the Cowboys won't have to do any reaching for one. This group is largely set.

Will Trading Up Be Rams’ Downfall In NFL Draft? " CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

The trade by the Los Angeles Rams to get the first pick from the Tennessee Titans was costly for the former and blessed the latter with a wealth of draft capital. But who really won? Well, if you take a good, hard look at the parties involved, maybe no one.

So after all the dealing and draft picks and speculation, what do we know? Based on history, the Titans, who haven't been great since Jeff Fisher was their coach, aren't likely to climb their ladder of draft picks to the Super Bowl.

But, based on these deals, we are pretty sure that Fisher's current team, the Rams, will either pick the wrong player or pick the right one and still mess it up. Because no matter how good their QB is, they won't have draft picks to build around him.

As the article pointed out, this ain't the Cowboys taking the Minnesota Vikings to the cleaners in the Herschel Walker deal.

Rams, Cowboys to play - OneNacion Blog- ESPN

The Rams host the Cowboys in the first preseason game for both teams,  and the crowd may see a lot of support for the visitors.

Yet, an entire new generation of football fans in Los Angeles moved on. The Dallas Cowboys are the sport's most popular team among Latinos, especially Mexican fans, and the team has long maintained a strong Hispanic fan base in both the U.S. and Mexico. Just because many now live in L.A. doesn't mean their loyalty is automatically transferred to the Rams just because a team is back in town.

What does NFL Nation see from the Dallas Cowboys in 2016? - Dallas Cowboys Blog- ESPN

This is a fun exercise from Todd Archer, where he compares his predictions for each game of the season with the forecast from a beat writer from each of the opponents. The good news: Both ways wind up with the Cowboys going 10-6 and contending for the NFC East crown.

Op-Ed: Firing Head Coach Jason Garrett would set Cowboys back a decade | Cowboys Wire

Sometimes as a writer, you read something and wish you had done it. Patrik Walker gives a passionate and rigorous defense of head coach Jason Garrett.

At only five years into his head coaching position, Garrett is now the longest-tenured HC in the NFC East. Looking at the abysmal drop in the overall relevancy of the division, it's difficult not to correlate the impotence of the once most powerful division in football with the merry-go-round of coaching staffs. All sound bytes aside, going from scratch to contention really is a process and demands continuity; as history continues to teach.

The problem is too many people hate history class.

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