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Cowboys 2016 Draft: How The Eagles Trade Affects Dallas' Options At Pick #4

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A little bit earlier today, Danny Phantom wrote a piece for BTB discussing the Dallas Cowboys options concerning the drafting of a quarterback in the 2016 NFL draft. It is a solid piece, but news events have overtaken part of it and altered the landscape. You should still read it to see other options for Dallas in the draft with regards to a quarterback, but picking one with the fourth-overall pick now seems obsolete. Why? Because the Eagles just moved up to spot number two.

Like the Rams before them, the Eagles did not wait for draft day to make their move, they did it early. And like the Rams before them, there is little doubt they made this move to grab a quarterback, specifically whoever is not drafted by the Rams between Jared Goff and Carson Wentz.

How does this affect the Cowboys? Well, it makes it very unlikely they will be picking a quarterback with the fourth-overall pick, unless they really believe Paxton Lynch is the guy and they have to have him. Right now, there is not much evidence that is the case, although they certainly could be interested in him later in the first round or early second.

So now you have to look at the San Diego Chargers. They become the first true inflection point in the draft if you are sold on the theory that the Rams and the Eagles will take Goff/Wentz or Wentz/Goff. As has been pointed out many times, the Chargers could certainly use offensive line help, and OT Laremy Tunsil would be staring them in the face. They could just go ahead and grab him, leaving the Cowboys with a clear shot at Jalen Ramsey.

Or, the Chargers could decide that Jalen Ramsey is too good of a talent to pass on, and leave the Cowboys with Tunsil, or options like Ezekiel Elliott or Joey Bosa. The Cowboys at that point would probably look desperately for a trade partner who wants Tunsil and try to move back. If they can't get that, you would have to believe they would pass on Tunsil and select Elliott or Bosa.

So BTB, how do you see this playing out on draft day?

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