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Dallas Cowboys Draft 2016: Five Draft Day Dream Scenarios That Will Really Help The Cowboys

Every year some curveballs get thrown into the draft scene and it has worked for the Cowboys in the past. Can the Cowboys get another?

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Depending on who you ask, the Cowboys seemed to have caught a break with the Los Angeles Rams and Philadelphia Eagles trading up to picks one and two to secure a quarterback. It almost certainly means that a couple of the three players the Cowboys have an interest in will certainly be there at four. Those players are Jalen Ramsey, Ezekiel Elliott, and Joey Bosa. Anytime you have blockbuster trades, it can change the landscape of the entire draft and we may not be even close to done just yet. There are still tons of rumors being floated around and many more things can certainly happen.

Is it too greedy to ask the football gods for a few more tricks to be played in the Cowboys' favor? Well, seeing as we are less than a week away from football Christmas, it's time to ask. Here are a few draft day scenarios that could end up benefiting the Dallas Cowboys, in no particular order.

1. San Diego Chargers Draft Anyone But Laremy Tunsil

This is not likely to happen but conventional wisdom is sometimes overlooked. There are some whispers that the Chargers may like Ronnie Stanley as much as they like Laremy Tunsil. The Chargers could very well be looking to slide a few picks in hoping to get Stanley with some more value. What we do know is that the Chargers can go in a few different directions. On one hand, Philip Rivers could use some extra protection as he enters the twilight of his career. However, the Chargers are a mess on the defensive line, much like the Cowboys.

What if the Chargers decide that Joey Bosa or DeForest Buckner are their guys? Well, that would be an interesting thought because that would push Laremy Tunsil into prime real estate mode. At four, the Cowboys wouldn't have to look far for what many consider the best prospect in the draft. Even if the Chargers were to take Jalen Ramsey, it perhaps gives the Cowboys some leverage in trading back and getting an extra two. What if I told you the Cowboys would be able to trade back to 9 or 10 and still get Ezekiel Elliott, would that be something you're interested in? Wow, I just got flashbacks of Martin Landau in Entourage. Getting another second-round pick and still landing Zeke could be pretty interesting, too.

2. If By Some Act Of Cold Feet, Paxton Lynch Is There At 34

We already know that teams place a premium on quarterbacks and rightfully so. However, we also know that sometimes it gets some teams in trouble, hence the Christian Ponders of the world. One thing is certain, just about every quarterback in this draft is going to need some help to reach their potential. There are no Troy Aikman's in this draft as Mickey Spagnola would say. He's right but let's hop into the 21st century with our references, Mick. We've been told that there are no Andrew Luck's in this draft, though Mayock has fallen in love with everyone. What that means to me is that all these guys could be good, but none is forcing themselves on the field right away.

So let's just say for the sake of fun that Lynch gets pushed out of the first round. I actually believe this could happen if the Jets or Broncos aren't sold on him. John Elway has been very particular about his type of quarterback, what if Lynch isn't that guy? It's not likely but it's an interesting thought. The Jets could end up working out a deal with Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Broncos could hold on with Mark Sanchez. What happened the last time Sanchez was surrounded by the best defense? Two AFC Championship appearances. These teams could very well like Connor Cook more than Paxton. So you're saying there's a chance? Yes, a very slim one but if Lynch by book or crook finds his way to 34, break out the champagne.

3. Derrick Henry Slips Into The Third Round

Ever since Henry exploded onto the college landscape with his Heisman winning performance, folks have been poking holes in his game. Everyone was waiting to see what Henry ran at the Combine and he didn't look as slow as folks originally thought with his 4.52 finish. He gets knocked for not having much wiggle to him and that he needs space to get going. All these things could be true and what if it hurts his stock? What if guys like Kenneth Dixon and Devontae Booker leap ahead of him?

Bryan Broaddus subscribes to the Baskin Robbins theory of 31 flavors. 31 other teams could think that he's a third-round prospect. That's where he currently sits on Broaddus' board. If he falls to 67, the Cowboys just have to take him. It's an ideal spot to take a running back for Dallas and Henry may be the perfect fit for this offensive line. He's a mammoth of a running back with strength and power. He's a one-cut type back that can do a lot with the ball in his hands. He's not our favorite running back at BTB, but he could very well be a perfect marriage for the Cowboys' offense.

4. Jaylon Smith Slides Way Down The Draft Board

This is the question that all 32 teams have in their minds and it's a sad situation. If not for this injury, Smith is perhaps the best linebacker prospect in the draft. His game translates almost like a mirror image of Derrick Johnson's. He's a wonderful athlete but there are serious concerns that are pushing him far down the draft boards. At one point, there was no doubt that he was going to be a first-rounder even with the knee. Now, medical rechecks have indicated that he certainly is out for 2016 but may not even be ready for 2017 according to Lance Zierlein.

At what point do the Cowboys take a vested interest in Smith? Would you be willing to take him with your first compensatory pick? Nerve damage is a delicate issue and there is no doubt that some teams have taken him completely off their board. The 49ers took a chance on Marcus Lattimore in the fourth round in 2013 and he sadly retired from the league in November of 2014. Would you take a chance on him in the later rounds?

5. If Noah Spence Drops To Second Round

This is the most possible of all these scenarios and I can already see some folks seething around here. Hear me out, this is perhaps the best pure pass rusher in the draft. What people tend to say about this class is that it's pretty weak in the pass rusher department. We all know Spence's story by now but I would venture in saying he's way less likely to repeat his past transgressions than Joey Bosa. Spence has learned a valuable lesson and could learn it even harder if he falls out of the first round.

This class isn't weak for its lack of players at the position, it's weak because a lot of the rushers lack the speed. There is a reason that Rod Marinelli liked Randy Gregory, sure he was undersized in the weight department, but he has the right combination of speed and powerful hands. The Cowboys need a speed rusher to keep up in the NFL these days. A DeMarcus Ware-type player would be ideal, maybe Gregory will turn into that. In the meantime, Spence gives them that role of a pass rusher that has speed and powerful hands. There are lots of left ends available, Dallas needs a right end. If it's not Shaq Lawson in a trade down, Spence is the best fit. However, with all the latest issues, Dallas may be turned off altogether from anyone who ever made a mistake.

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