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Dallas Cowboys Draft 2016: BTB Fan Poll Results On How Draft Should Shake Out

So, we've hit the positions that the Cowboys need to address with our "How Do You Want" series. Let's see how the BTB world has voted.

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As we countdown the days to everyone's favorite day of the year, the draft picture for the Cowboys is becoming pretty clear. Of course, we could always be thrown a curveball or two. Over the last few weeks, we've had a series in which we ask the BTB faithful, how you would like the Cowboys to draft the many positions.

For these exercises, I decided to stick with six positions that I perceive to be the positions in which the Cowboys must address in this draft. If you happen to agree or not, those positions were:

  • Defensive End
  • Cornerback
  • Quarterback
  • Running Back
  • Safety
  • Defensive Tackle

So we asked, you voted, now let's reveal how you want this draft to shake out for the Cowboys. We'll start with the position that the Cowboys' need help at most:

Defensive End - 63% Said Trade Back For Shaq Lawson or Noah Spence
This isn't too surprising as our community hasn't been a huge fan of taking Joey Bosa with the fourth-overall pick. That's not to say that we absolutely detest the player, if he was the selection, many would understand that he certainly fills that need. Though Bosa may be at the top of the list of all the major draftnik's boards as the best pass rusher. He's not necessarily the top pass rusher for the Cowboys.

Shaq Lawson has become a fan favorite in the BTB comments and probably fits more of the type of rusher that Rod Marinelli would be looking for. He's got the elite first step and can bend the edge to make himself small around the corners. He has shown that he can use his burst and good speed in combination with his power. The motor checks that final box and there are no character concerns. Range: 12th to 15th in Round One

Noah Spence is the best pure pass rusher in this draft and truly fits the role that the Cowboys will lack while Randy Gregory serves his four-game suspension. Spence was thrown out of the Ohio State program for an "addiction to ecstasy", but has kept his nose clean ever since. If you are looking for a guy with elite speed and quickness off the ball, Spence will jump out to you. There may still be lingering concerns at the NFL level, though he's handled his issues quite well. Range: Mid-First to Top-Second Round

Cornerback- 52% Said Select Jalen Ramsey 4th Overall
Quite an emphatic statement for those that want Ramsey and barring San Diego choosing him over Laremy Tunsil, he'll be there at four. Ramsey has been a favorite in the BTB comments for quite some time. Though Bryan Broaddus and Dane Brugler see him as a safety, there is some pushback there. Ramsey is the best defensive back period and in a scheme that wants to follow Seattle, Ramsey becomes all the more logical cornerback. Stephen Jones even admitted he had safety qualities but he's a better corner than Byron Jones is.

Safety- 57% Said Safety In Second or Third Round Like Karl Joseph or Miles Killebrew
The BTB community is looking for a strong safety type to pair with Jones and both Joseph and Killebrew fit the bill as just that.

In Joseph's case, he has shot up the draft boards over the last several weeks and leaped into the second round. He's a tough, hard-nosed, big hitter in the box. His tape suggests an Earl Thomas type (but not necessarily at that level). Joseph has some tendencies to miss at times and that must be corrected but he deserves his second round treatment.

Killebrew is a fighter that the Cowboys saw on display at the Senior Bowl. Where Dallas gets their value here is with Killebrew's superb coverage skills. His vision and closing ability make him versatile at either safety positions. He loves contact and makes lots of plays. He should be available to the Cowboys in the third or perhaps the top of the fourth round. Better prospect than J.J. Wilcox and Barry Church.

Quarterback- 38% Said Take A Quarterback In The Mid To Late Rounds

This was a conflicted battle for BTB as 32% wanted the Cowboys to trade back into the first for Paxton Lynch and 30% wanted one at four. It doesn't mean there are some truthers still lingering around but they lost out to the albeit small majority in the BTB world that are focused on the here and now. So, this leaves the Cowboys with a few options but the one player the Cowboys have given a lot of attention to is Dak Prescott. They have met with other quarterbacks, but Dak seems to come up time and time again. He should be available to the Cowboys in the third round. Remember, quarterbacks almost always go higher than expected.

Running Back- 48% Said Select Ezekiel Elliott 4th Overall

The thought of Ezekiel Elliott running behind the Cowboys' offensive line is almost too good to pass on. Elliott is a dynamic running back that instantly makes the Cowboys better on day two of the draft. Broaddus has stated many times that if the coaches win the argument it's going to be Elliott at four. He's an electric player and would be the ultimate move for Tony Romo and the offense. They have a decent running game as is but there is no doubt that Elliott is the type of player that could put the offense back into its 2014 form or better.

Defensive Tackle- 46% Said Select A Defensive Tackle 34th Overall

The second round is shaping up to be the perfect spot to take a defensive tackle as this class is deep as the ocean at tackle. BTB has decided that the 34th pick is a chance to get one of the more special interior defenders. Vernon Butler, Andrew Billings, Kenny Clark, Austin Johnson, and Chris Jones all have a realistic shot at being there unless there is a run in the first.

So if we put all this together we get a pretty good look at how BTB wants their draft to go and could look in a perfect world. We all know that the draft never ends up working out perfectly as us fans may sometimes see it. Before we go, I have to put you BTB'ers on the spot and get a definitive answer at fourth overall. Based on the results of these exercises, what is your answer for the fourth overall pick?

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