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Cowboys Draft 2016: Five Interesting Moves That Could Shake Things Up For Dallas

As we near the draft in rapid fashion, for the sake of fun, let's discuss a few moves the Cowboys could make that would be interesting, to say the least.

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Three days until every hardcore football fan's Christmas celebration begins. We have long been discussing the NFL Draft since before the 2015 season had concluded. The Cowboys have some high draft capital with nine picks and the majority of them at the top of each round. This past week we noted moves that could help the Cowboys. Let's now look at moves that Dallas could make that would shake things up during the draft.

We've already seen that the NFL draft is sure to bring on the theatrics as both Tennessee and Cleveland have traded out of the top two picks. The Rams and Eagles will most assuredly secure their hopeful "quarterbacks of the future." Though Ian Rappoport has reported that trade talk has cooled down, take everything that he says with a shot of tequila. The moment when picks are their most valuable is actually on the day of the draft. We'll just have to wait and see what happens when it happens. However, it doesn't mean we can't float a few ideas around, am I right?

1. Cowboys Trade Back In Top 10, Land Ezekiel Elliott Plus 2nd Rounder

This is the one I may be hoping for most just because it makes the Cowboys a significantly more explosive offense by Friday, April 29th. There are a few spots this could happen, either it's pick 8, 9, or 10. With the Eagles moving up, there doesn't seem to be much of a threat that Zeke will be snagged before 10. That's exactly where the Giants pick, but if Laremy Tunsil should fall to four, that phone is going to ring. We just hope it's one of those three picks. Cleveland could look to move down again, so they're likely out. It would come down to giving a left tackle to Tampa Bay or your rival in the NFC East. Make that deal and get another second-rounder. Having multiple picks in round two through four are going to pay some dividends.

2. Cowboys Send Conditional Pick In 2016 or 2017 To Rams For QB Nick Foles

I can't take credit for this idea, but I love the thought of it. Foles is of more value to another team than he likely is for the Rams at this point. Also, the Rams could recoup a pick that they sent away to get Jared Goff or whoever they end up taking (wink). It would also save Los Angeles about $2 million in cap space. Who knows if the would be willing to make this trade but the Cowboys need serious competition for Tony Romo's backup. Nick Foles could be the best option and picks are valuable. Besides all this, Stan Kroenke has to owe Jerry Jones something in exchange for all his brilliant work to get the Rams a new home. This doesn't preclude the Cowboys from taking a mid-round prospect like Dak Prescott but it certainly helps them feel better than just having Kellen Moore.

3. Cowboys Select Four Defensive Linemen Mirroring 2005 Draft

This could very well happen out of pure necessity, but the interesting part would come at where they picked these pass rushers or interior defensive linemen. Say they take a Joey Bosa at four, trade down for Shaq Lawson, grab Vernon Butler at 34,  or take a chance on Matt Judon in the fourth round? It's not hard to see the Cowboys hitting their biggest weakness with multiple picks and four out of nine could be just about right. The Cowboys don't have much of a pass rush and the ones that are there keep making off-field mistakes. This is just as much about the future as it is the present. Sure, rookie pass rushers don't contribute that much in the stat sheets but at this point, the Cowboys need bodies, folks. Hopefully, by throwing enough noodles at the situation, a few of them will stick to the wall. Al dente!

4. Cowboys Trade Back To 15 With Titans, Swindle Two Seconds With The Deal

Not too likely to happen but it all depends on who is there at 4 and how much the Titans like that player. If Dallas plays hardball, which they should if trading down 11 spots, they could take two of the three second-round picks the Titans have. It would be a decent swing in favor of Dallas, but Jerry Jones is no stranger to the wheeling and dealing. If this works out, Dallas could set their crosshairs on Shaw Lawson, Sheldon Rankins, or maybe even Paxton Lynch. Still, adding two second-round picks in a depth-heavy draft could really pay off for a team that needs to address many positions. Also, high picks in the second round are usually considered starters. You never know when you might just strike a match.

5. Cowboys Take Paxton Lynch At Fourth Overall

This may not make a lot of folks happy around here, in fact, they may just groan about for the rest of the offseason. However, I bring you to a brilliantly written piece from my colleague Jim Scott, where he emphatically states the truth shall set you free. What he opined is that quarterbacks are far more important than any other position. This is correct and all you have to do is look at what these teams have done to get just a potential shot at a franchise passer. If you got a quarterback, you got a shot. If you don't, often times you will have coaching carousels and more turnovers than Bryan Hoyer in a playoff game. If Dallas believes that they can develop Paxton into the next starting quarterback and keep him in the franchise for ten years, they have to take him. Look, everyone here knows it's Ramsey or Elliott for me, but the front office knows more than I will ever know. Franchise quarterbacks are not sitting around in every draft. In fact, on average two of the top three will flop, so it's a risk. A risk that teams will always take due to the importance it has in this game.

Curiosity compels me to leave it all up to the BTB community. What are some interesting moves you think the Cowboys could make in the draft?

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