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Cowboys Pre-Draft Press Conference: Dallas "Most Likely" To Stay At #4, Joey Bosa Character Not A Concern

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Jerry Jones, Stephen Jones and Jason Garrett got together for a pre-draft press conference today. While this may provide some insight into the Dallas Cowboys' plans for the draft, they could be setting up the proverbial smokescreen on some answers. So without much ado, let's unpack some of what they said by using some tweets from sportswriters in the metroplex.

Trading Down

I guess we shouldn't take this as much of a surprise, there's not much else they could say. You certainly don't want to put out there that you are desperate to trade down. Plus, until the offers start coming in during the draft, it's really hard to anticipate what you will do. But taken at face value, the Cowboys are probably feeling pretty good that they are going to get a player they really want.

Ezekiel Elliott

Hmm, good question? I guess it all depends on how you value the position, but the player himself I believe is absolutely as talented as any in the draft.

Joey Bosa

That might not make many of the anti-Joey Bosa crew happy, but then again, the Joneses and Garrett aren't going to limit any of their options right now.  Who knows what trade value each player might have.

For instance...

Laremy Tunsil


And one more.

Jalen Ramsey

Other notes, most of which you can read here at the DMN article.

- Picking Tony Romo's successor in this draft is not a high priority.

- They don't feel like they have to get a running back

- Suspension of Randy Gregory and possibly DeMarcus Lawrence will not affect the draft

- Team is operating as if they are a 12-4 club, not 4-12.

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