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BREAKING NEWS: Cowboys' Brandon Carr Reportedly Agrees To Pay Cut

The move frees up some extra cap space. Now the question is why the move was made now?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

For several seasons, there has been a widespread opinion that Brandon Carr has not performed up to his $50 million contract with the Dallas Cowboys. He has been a reliable player but has not delivered the impact that was expected for the money he has made. Now, in an unexpected move, he has reportedly agreed to a pay cut.

Subsequent reports from Dallas area writers have confirmed this is indeed a straight pay reduction, with no extension of his contract. It is surprising because the team seemed to have little to no leverage with Carr. It may be just a move to help the team on his part (he is, after all, still collecting about $47 million of the original deal). Doing so would not be at all out of character for him, as he is regarded as one of the best people on the roster. It just is a little odd to see this happening now.

There is no information as to the reason for the cut at this time. It could just be the Cowboys freeing up some extra money with the draft looming, when they will have to account for all the new contracts under the cap. There could also be some kind of free agent signing in the wings, but there has been no buzz about that lately. It also could mean the Cowboys are looking to make some kind of move in the draft, perhaps getting back up into the latter part of the first round, although it is not entirely clear why that would make the extra money needed, unless they were trading future picks.

All we can do for now is wonder. Any further news will be reported as we get it.

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