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Dallas Cowboys 2016 Draft: Prediction For The Cowboys Second Round Pick

Here are three possible candidates for the Cowboys at pick 34.

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So much is made of the Cowboys fourth-overall pick in the draft, but the team is sitting in great shape to get another premium player the following round. Here is my little board for the Cowboys second-round pick.

Pick # 34

The Cowboys are adamant about getting the best player in the draft regardless of position. Early in the second round offers up a lot of really good defensive lineman so this is a great opportunity for best player available & need to intersect. But there could be another position where a first-round talent slips to round two -€” wide receiver.

Terrance Williams is in the last year of his contract. If he demands too much money, the Cowboys may decide to let him walk. If one of the top college wide receivers falls to 34, they could surprise people by taking another offensive weapon. Josh Doctson (TCU) has remarkable hands and can catch any ball thrown to him and Corey Coleman (Baylor) has explosive speed to give the Cowboys a downfield threat. Both these guys are projected to go somewhere in the 20's, but if teams go a different direction - it could leave a great receiver on the board. While that could be the surprise pick of the draft, those guys are much higher on my board and not a realistic candidate for 34.

Here are the top guys the Cowboys should have to choose from.

Emmanuel Ogbah, DE, Oklahoma State

I have Ogbah going to the Houston Texans with the 22nd overall pick and I wouldn't be surprised if he's off the board even sooner. He's another pass rusher that possesses a great combination of speed and strength. He's very good at using his hands to slap away blockers. One of the most impressive thing about him that shows up over and over on tape is how he slides his inside hand around the tackle to seal off the edge to give him a clear path to the quarterback. He uses the rip move to perfection which often times means RIP for offensive tackles.

Ogbah has some work to do against the run, but he's one the best pass rushers coming out of college. His production speaks for itself. He had 12 sacks last year, 18 hits, 48 hurries, and 78 total pressures. He's been a playmaker for the college Cowboys and he can be a playmaker for the pro Cowboys as well.

Kevin Dodd, DE, Clemson

There are some question marks with Dodd that make it tough to gauge when he will be taken. For starters, he played on the other side of Shaq Lawson so how much of his production was a result of the teammate effect? Also, he's only recently emerged as a big time pass rusher and doesn't have a lot to put on his resume. But Dodd's only grazed the surface of what he can do.

He's got the size, he's got the speed/power combo, and he's got very good awareness to hit the gaps. He uses his hands extremely well and can attack inside and out. With Dodd, you get more than a pass rusher. He is an effective run-stopper as he tallied the second most stops of all the end defenders with 44. He can read the blocks well and shoot inside effectively.

He's still a work in progress, but for a kid who's got more developing to do, he's already producing on the field.

Kenny Clark, DT, UCLA

I love big guys that can move. Clark is a powerful freight train that will hit you and then disengage to lock on to his target. He is good at recognizing the double team to allow him to get himself planted to hold his ground. Whether it's through you or around you, he finds ways to get into the backfield.

There are a few defensive tackles in this draft class that have the potential to be impact players in this league. Clark is one of them.

Conclusion: If the Cowboys pass on Joey Bosa at pick four, fans are going to be in a state of panic because they'll feel like the team missed its chance to get a pass rusher. But that is just not the case. The talent on the defensive line is real good at the back end of the first round and the Cowboys can capitalize on it. With some really good options, Dallas can have its cake and eat it too by waiting to 34 to grab their defensive lineman.

Prediction: Kevin Dodd

I think Ogbah comes off the board before the Cowboys come on the clock. That leaves Kevin Dodd as the best player available. For the third straight year the Cowboys will snag themselves a second-round pass rusher.

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Here are the best pass rushers in the 2016 draft

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