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Dallas Cowboys 2016 Draft: Prediction For The Cowboys Third Round Pick

Here are three possible candidates for the Cowboys at pick 67.

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This part of my board is a little tricky. It's tricky because I don't think the Cowboys will have a pick at 67. There are going to be some really good players still on the board in the middle of the second round and since the Cowboys have early third- and fourth-round picks, the team has the stock equity to package a deal and make a move for another premium pick player. The players that I have listed on my little board for the 67 pick are players I don't expect to still be there, but rather players the Cowboys might make a play for midway through the second round.

Pick # 67

Karl Joseph, SS, West Virginia

Joseph is a playmaking safety that makes his presence known in a variety of ways. He'll hit you hard, he'll strip you, and he'll pick you off. He does it all. Plenty of safeties can lay the wood on receivers coming over the middle, but this safety will square up on the ball carrier, and then flatten them. He is remarkable and if you are not a big fan of Joseph yet, check out this video:

WARNING: This film consists of extremely remarkable football ability that may result in an unsolicited man crush.

Joseph will not be there at 67. If the Cowboys are to land him, they will need to move up. Some have suggested he's a late first-round/early-second selection, which could very well be true. But Joseph is coming off an ACL after just four games in 2015 so there will be a draft discount for his services. But his skills are undeniable as he was flat out ball'n before he got hurt. He's a tough DB that hits very hard, yet plays with enough discipline to avoid getting flagged. Joseph hasn't had a single penalty over the last two seasons. He is up to the challenge of taking on much bigger blockers and can pinpoint the movement of the ball. His skills are evident in both the running game and in coverage. While he doesn't possess great speed, he knows how to use his body to lessen this disadvantage. He can play the ball extremely well. Despite only playing in four games, he had five interceptions last year. So, if you are keeping score at home -€” Joseph had as many picks in four games as all the Cowboys defensive backs had combined in all 16 games last season.

If the Cowboys future consisted of Byron Jones (FS) and Karl Joseph (SS), they'd be just a few years away from having the best safety combo in the NFL.

Kenneth Dixon, RB, Louisiana Tech

If you're an Ezekiel Elliott addict and you're looking for reasons to get off the wagon, Dixon could be the antidote you're looking for. While he doesn't have the physical traits Zeke has, he does a lot things very well. Dixon is a very patient runner with great vision to seek out his running lanes. He's got exceptional cutting ability and makes great use of his runs in open space. And while his rushing ability is strong, what he can do as a receiver makes him even more valuable. Dixon caught 12 passes for 185 yards and two touchdowns when he lined up in the slot.

A player like Dixon would be the perfect complement running back to the two-down back, Alfred Morris.

Dak Prescott, QB, Mississippi State

The Cowboys will be taking a quarterback at some point in the draft. It's just a matter of when. As we have seen already with the two big trades to move up to picks one and two overall, when team is locked in on a quarterback -€” they don't mess around. Dak Prescott could be that quarterback for Dallas. Prescott could very easily be available at pick 67, but the Cowboys may not even want to risk it. The Denver Broncos pick at 63 and the Cleveland Browns pick at 65 and they are both in the market for a quarterback. If the Cowboys want Prescott real bad, they might have to strike a deal to get ahead of these two teams.

Prescott is an efficient quarterback. He has great football IQ and is very good at protecting the ball. In 2014, he had 27 touchdowns and 11 interceptions. Last season, his touchdown total went up to 29, yet his picks went down to five. While he doesn't take a lot of risks, he did show an improvement throwing the ball deep when he had good protection.

In Dallas, he'll have good protection.

Conclusion: If the Cowboys exhibit patience like they did last year, Joseph won't even be in play for them. Dixon's talent should take him off the board late in the second. Prescott has the best chance to still be there.

Prediction: Dak Prescott

The Cowboys love to model success and what Russell Wilson has done in Seattle has them interested in Prescott. While he doesn't have the blazing speed Wilson has, he has a lot of other similar traits.

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