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NFL Draft 2016: Live Thread II - Will Dallas Get Back In The First Round?

The Cowboys used their first pick in the draft on running back Ezekiel Elliott. Will they try to get back in at the back of the first round? A lot of edge rushers have been pushed down by runs on corners/safeties and offensive tackles. Should Dallas Stay put or should they make a move? They could also look at grabbing Paxton Lynch. We'll find out.

F0r those who missed it, check out Joey Ickes discussing the Cowboys draft from Facebook Live!

This is an open thread for draft chat.

Cowboys draft picks:

(Round-pick in the round-overall pick)

1- 4- 4 Dallas - Ezekiel Elliott
2- 3-34 Dallas
3- 4-67 Dallas
4- 3-101 Dallas
4-37-135 Dallas (Compensatory Selection)
6-14-189 Dallas from Oakland
6-37-212 Dallas (Compensatory Selection)
6-41-216 Dallas (Compensatory Selection)
6-42-217 Dallas (Compensatory Selection)

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