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Cowboys 2016 Draft: Who Is The Favorite For Dallas At Pick #4?

Who should Dallas take fourth overall?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

We're getting closer and closer to the NFL 2016 draft. April 28th is under a month away. After the Dallas Cowboys turned in a terrible 2015 campaign, they were rewarded with the fourth pick in the first round of the draft. That's a position they haven't seen recently, and if everything goes right, they won't see again for a while. They need to make the right pick.

There is always the possibility of a trade down. With the way the talent is in this particular draft, and the Cowboys needs, trading down is probably the preferred option of much of the fanbase. Sometimes, though, you just can't find the dance partner you need to make that happen. So for this particular exercise, we'll suppose that the Cowboys can't find a trade partner and need to make their pick at fourth overall.

So far, there has been a group of guys the Cowboys have been linked with either through rumor, or through the more concrete evidence of meetings and workouts. The indomitable OCC put together a list of guys that the Cowboys have brought in or will be bringing in for a visit, so this is a good place to start when discussing who the Cowboys might draft. We'll also throw in an extra name (Myles Jack) who could be on their radar. We'll take Laremy Tunsil out of the picture, that just doesn't seem like a pick the Cowboys would make. Past that, lets list the following guys and take a poll, who is the current BTB favorite?

Jalen Ramsey
Joey Bosa
Jared Goff
Carson Wentz
Ezekiel Eliiott
DeForest Buckner
Myles Jack

If the Cowboys pick at number four, it's a pretty good bet the player they pick will come from that list. Of course, you could argue players like Vernon Hargreaves III, Laquon Treadwell or others could be in the mix. We'll put an "Other" option in the poll for them.

So hit the poll up and vote, then explain your pick in the comments. We'll do a heat-check to see who the fanbase wants a little under a month out from the draft.

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