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NFL Draft 2016: Live Thread For Day Three Of The Draft

The last day of the draft is here.

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What will the Dallas Cowboys do today? They've already banked three draft picks: Ezekiel Elliott (RB), Jaylon Smith (LB) and Maliek Collins (DT). Of course the big stunner was the drafting of Smith who is unlikely to see the field in 2016. We heard later that if the Cowboys hadn't done it in round two, the New England Patriots were going to. So at least we snaked Bill Belichick. Also, as the great OCC said to me concerning the pick: Think of it like this: They traded this year's second for a top five pick next year - if he gets back to health. That's a good thing.

For those not familiar with Maliek Collins, that pick is actually getting a lot of love from draftniks. He fits the Cowboys scheme like a glove and would have gone higher if not for the glut of great DTs in this year's draft.

Anyway, enough of yesterday. Let's move on to today where the Cowboys have six picks. Will they go quarterback early? Will they finally draft a defensive end? And will they get some secondary help? We'll shall see on the final day of the 2016 NFL draft.

This as an open thread for draft discussion!

Cowboys draft picks:

(Round-pick in the round-overall pick)

1- 4- 4 Dallas - Ezekiel Elliott
2- 3-34 Dallas - Jaylon Smith
3- 4-67 Dallas - Maliek Collins

4- 3-101 Dallas
4-37-135 Dallas (Compensatory Selection)
6-14-189 Dallas from Oakland
6-37-212 Dallas (Compensatory Selection)
6-41-216 Dallas (Compensatory Selection)
6-42-217 Dallas (Compensatory Selection)

Rounds 4-7 - Rounds 4, 5 and 6 get 5 minutes per pick, with 4 minutes allowed for round 7.

Date: Sat., April 30

Time: 12 p.m. ET

TV: NFL Network, ESPN

Radio: Sirius (Channel 88), 105.3 The Fan

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