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Cowboys 2016 Draft: How Dallas Can End Up With Jalen Ramsey With The Fourth-Overall Pick

How things could get shaken up if the Titans deal their pick.

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If you want the Dallas Cowboys to select their "quarterback of the future" with the fourth-overall pick in the 2016 draft, you should be praying that the Tennessee Titans hold on to the first pick. If you are in love with Jalen Ramsey, then you need to offer up some sacrifices to the Football Gods that the Titans trade that pick. The Titans move will obviously affect every team in the draft, but the Cowboys could end up going in two totally different directions depending on what Tennessee does.

We don't have any specific insight into what the Cowboys brass is thinking about their pick right now, only the rumors of unidentified sources, and their list of pre-draft visits. Among those pre-draft visitors are Jalen Ramsey, Jared Goff and Carson Wentz. Based on that you would have to assume that quarterback is in play at pick number four. But for that to happen, you would probably need at least Goff or Wentz still available when Dallas gets on the clock. As of now that seems likely, since only the Cleveland Browns should take a quarterback before Dallas. So if the Titans stay put, Dallas can hypothetically pick up their quarterback.

On the other hand, if you want the Cowboys to draft Jalen Ramsey (the highest vote-getter in our poll yesterday), then you likely need the Titans to deal their pick. Lately it's been mentioned numerous times that the Titans are not 100% locked in on Laremy Tunsil and that they are starting to covet Jalen Ramsey. Obviously if they scooped up Ramsey then the Cowboys would have to go in a different direction. But even if they stayed put and took Tunsil, then Ramsey could possibly be picked up by the San Diego Chargers at pick number three, thus thwarting the "Ramsey to Dallas" express.

But, if the Titans deal the pick, then it could be a straight shot to Ramsey for Dallas. First, how likely is it that Tennessee deals the pick? Peter King from this morning's MMQB column:

The Titans, holders of the first pick in the draft, will have a chance to make a deal. The Titans have received significant interest in the pick. I believe it is now 50-50 whether Tennessee will trade it or keep it. Rookie Tennessee GM Jon Robinson is going to have to decide whether to accept an offer—presumably by a team that wants one of the top two quarterbacks in the draft, Carson Wentz of North Dakota State or Cal’s Jared Goff—or to stay at number one and pick a player the Titans believe will be a cornerstone for years to come.

So there's a chance. Now let's follow the chain of events if that happens. Obviously, we're only speculating, we never know who teams really covet or how they have their quarterbacks ranked. But I think this is a pretty logical run.

Pick #1: Mystery team that takes either Wentz or Goff.
Pick #2: Cleveland takes the remaining quarterback, assuming they have both rated highly.
Pick #3: San Diego is thrilled to see Laremy Tunsil still available, desperately needing help along their offensive line.
Pick #4: Bam! Dallas gets Jalen Ramsey.

Wham! Bam!

Thank you ma'am!

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