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Cowboys News & Notes: Is Joey Bosa The Safest Pick For The Cowboys?

It seems in the middle of smokescreen season, nobody is buying the rumor that the Cowboys aren't impressed with Bosa. Some say he's the safest pick. Plus, plenty of folks busting out mock after mock, including yours truly.

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Mel Kiper Mock Draft 4.0: Joey Bosa And The Cowboys Is Becoming A Familiar Refrain - Dave Halprin- Blogging The Boys
The latest mock draft from Mel Kiper has the Cowboys picking Joey Bosa. But is there evidence that they will go in another direction?

It sounds like a vintage country band, Joey Bosa & The Cowboys. But it's actually what you are hearing more and more when it comes to the Cowboys draft pick in mock drafts around the internet. Mel Kiper dropped his latest mock draft, and he has the Cowboys going with Bosa.

Casserly: Joey Bosa could be answer for Dallas Cowboys - Chase Goodbread-
Former Ohio State DE Joey Bosa is better than three NFL defensive linemen who were all top-10 draft picks, according to NFL Media analyst Charley Casserly.

"Some people will say he's not an elite player; shouldn't be taken that high. To me he's better than Ziggy Ansah, who (was drafted) around that point, he's better than Leonard Williams, who should've gone by that point in the draft," Casserly said on NFL Network's "Path to the Draft". "And guess what? He's a safer pick and will be more productive than Jadeveon Clowney has been. That answers that question to me."

Dallas Cowboys’ pre-draft visits indicate everything is on the table -Clarence Hill- The Star-Telegram

The Dallas Cowboys are bringing in a variety of draft prospects from a variety of positions. Showing the world that every position could be in play.

Other first-round prospects expected to visit this week include Ohio State defensive end Joey Bosa, Ohio State running back Ezekiel Elliott, Florida State defensive back Jalen Ramsey, Oregon defensive end DeForest Buckner, Florida cornerback Vernon Hargreaves, Ole Miss receiver Laquon Treadwell, Clemson defensive end Shaq Lawson, Louisville defensive tackle Sheldon Rankins and Ole Miss defensive tackle Robert Nkemdiche.


Five-round mock 5.0: Cowboys pluck Myles Jack, Derrick Henry - Chad Reuter-
The Cowboys land big names in Chad Reuter's new mock draft, including a potential heir apparent for Tony Romo in Round 3. See Reuter's five-round forecast.

Round 1: LB Myles Jack -Dallas gets the player whom many consider the best in the draft. If his knee injury is healed sufficiently, Jack and Sean Lee could be the best coverage linebacker duo in NFL history.

Dallas Cowboys Mock Draft V.9.0: A Trade Back Into Round One For A Quarterback Is Very Possible - Michael Sisemore- Blogging The Boys

The Cowboys are doing a lot of looking at the quarterbacks available in this draft. Though Jerry plans on having Tony Romo for four to five more years; plans change.

Another idea that has been floated around is the possible interest in trading back up for a quarterback because currently they've only got Kellen Moore and Jameill Showers. Not exactly an impressive stable of capable arms, huh? So, for this exercise, we have decided to take a look at a possible trade back up to snag that potential heir to the Cowboys' throne. Let's go ahead and make a mockery of the draft once again. (Players values are based on CBS Prospect Rankings to keep the mock exercise legitimate.)


See updates from Cowboys QB prospect Paxton Lynch's pro day | SportsDay
Memphis quarterback Paxton Lynch, one of the Cowboys' possible targets in the draft, took part in Memphis' pro day Wednesday.

"He seems to have all of the tools and a set of intangibles that have coaches raving positively on his behalf," Sturm said. "He is big, mobile, confident in all throws, able to manipulate coverage with his eyes, healthy, and competitive. You might beat him, but he won't stop coming at you." - Bob Sturm

By passing on Randy Moss in 1998, Dallas Cowboys fell flat- Todd Archer- ESPN

When the Cowboys passed on Randy Moss, he carried the grudge with him the rest of his career.

In his first game against the Cowboys on Thanksgiving in 1998, he caught only three passes but they went for touchdowns of 51, 56 and 56 yards. He also drew a 50-yard pass interference penalty. Moss never lost a game against the Cowboys (7-0) for the Minnesota Vikings, Oakland Raiders and New England Patriots, catching 35 passes for 662 yards and 10 touchdowns. His 18.91 yards per catch and touchdown totals against Dallas are the most against non-division foes.

Back "Home" With The Cowboys, Jack Crawford Credits Marinelli’s Coaching - Rob Phillips- Dallas Cowboys

After weighing his options the first few weeks of free agency, Jack Crawford is back where wanted to be all along.

"Marinelli, he took that aspect out of it for me. Last year I felt like I had a solid year, and that was really thanks to him. His philosophy allows players to take the thinking out of it. He just allows you to react on the field."

With No. 4 pick looming, how have Dallas Cowboys fared with first-round picks under Jerry Jones? -Kate Hairopoulos- SportsDay
How have the Cowboys fared in the first round since Jerry Jones has been the boss?

For starters, the Cowboys have had 24 first-round picks under Jones. He has used more of those picks on the defensive line and at cornerback than any other positions: defensive line (5), cornerback (5), linebacker (4) offensive line (3) running back (2), wide receiver (2), quarterback (1), tight end (1), safety (1).

Greg Hardy’s "Will Play Football For Money" campaign a failure - Mac Engel- The Star-Telegram
The former Dallas Cowboys defensive end is currently looking for an NFL team to sign him and his recent interview did not help to heal a damaged reputation.

"Pictures are pictures, and they can be made to look like whatever they want to. I didn't say I didn't do anything wrong. That situation occurred and that situation was handled, but as a man you can't avoid situations that aren't your fault or are your fault."

Wait ... huh? What does that even mean - "As a man you can’t avoid situations that aren’t your fault or are your fault."

Cedric Thornton looks to make a strong first impression with Cowboys- Todd Archer- ESPN
After signing a four-year, $17M deal with Dallas, Cedric Thornton has been a frequent visitor to the team's weight room and practice fields.

"Just to get here and know the routine the guys got going on, just to get a feel, being around the players, it lets the other players know that you’re all in," Thornton said. "I’ve been here like three weeks now, going on four, so I’m definitely getting in shape. I like the Dallas weather besides the allergies and the humid climate. It’s pretty good."

Carson Wentz Excited For Opportunity To Re-Connect With Cowboys’ Coaches- Dave Helman- Dallas Cowboys
A familiar face walked in for an official visit with the Cowboys. Someone, they are well informed about, perhaps better than anyone.

"That week in Mobile and now coming here again today, it’s kind of been the same. Getting to know even some more people and being around it, this is a great place," Wentz said. "Obviously it’s changing soon and that’s probably an exciting time for the organization, but it’s been cool to see some people again and then go into more discussion – especially meeting with Jerry Jones. It’s good to just feel it all out."

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