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Cowboys News & Notes: The High Price Of Success, Plus More Draft Speculation

Three weeks from now we will be talking about the player the Cowboys selected, but for now we will speculate on how the Cowboys will approach building the next era of Dallas football

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Gosselin: Broncos find out what Johnson's Cowboys did ... Super Bowl wins come with a price in salary cap era     SportsDay Staff, Dallas Morning News

Fans of the Dallas Cowboys are often referred to as living in the past because a coon's age has passed since the team won its last Super Bowl, but we still like to talk about it.  Well, who wouldn't want to remember those glory days? Now the Denver Broncos are facing the typ of reality that the Cowboys faced in the wake of those years; the challenge of keeping the band together and on top of the charts. Everyone wants a bigger piece of the same sized pie and the front office has to make hard choices about who it wants to divvy the pie up to. There will always be some who get their pie elsewhere in the wake of success. That is how things work in the salary cap era. John Elway faces a Herculean task to keep Denver on top in the NFL in the wake of several significant departures.

Wouldn't it be nice to have Elway's problems?

Rams' first game back in Los Angeles will be against the Cowboys     Des Bieler, The Washington Post

It does seem fitting that two of the great franchises of the 1970's and early 80's will be locking horns in the home team's first battle in Los Angles in over two decades. The contest will take place in the old Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum where the Rams played their first games after making the journey west from their original home in Cleveland.

ESPN analyst examines 6 draft options for Cowboys: What's most likely scenario?    SportsDayDFW Staff, Dallas Morning News

Everyone wants to know what the Dallas Cowboys are going to do with the fourth overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft. The truth is that the team most likely does not know their final intentions yet, although they will obviously have a pretty clear set of choices by this time. That does not stop anyone, from the lowly female blogger at BTB all the was up to Bill Barnwell at ESPN from writing pieces speculating on what Jerry Jones and his staff will do. It is all click bait at this time of year, and as fans we love it. This is what we life for once the season ends.

Let the speculation continue. Someone out there will get it correct. We all write enough opinions that eventually we throw the right one out in a story.

Trading back might be Cowboys' best option     Todd Archer. ESPN

Mr. Archer used the Barnwell speculation as a springboard for his own thoughts, and his rational runs a similar line as does mine. Right now is the time for the Dallas Cowboys to be shopping around the fourth overall draft selection. This draft has shaped up to be more about high quantity than it is about high quality. That falls in line with what the Cowboys need to fill the many areas they need to improve. There is plenty of high level talent available in a market that is not over run with blue chippers. Find a buyer and move that selection could be a huge part of the Dallas strategy at the end of the month.

Bob Sturm's draft profile series: Why Houston's William Jackson III is a CB I'd love to see Cowboys get     Bob Sturm, Dallas Morning News

OK, a couple weeks have gone by and I have not included anything from Bob Sturm. That changes today, Bob and I are once again on the same page regarding the Houston Cougars corner, William Jackson, III. I admit to having my thoughts colored by the fact that Jackson is a fellow Cougar, but he is also a cornerback who can line up and play against anybody, and I mean anybody. This kid is a day one starter in the NFL and not because of his draft status.

Dallas Cowboys Accelerate Homework On Ohio State Prospects     Mike Fisher, CBS DFW

Fish is another one of those guys that when they talk I listen. Mike does not go into a lot of detail, but it is looking like Dallas may have done just a little more than basic due diligence with their visit to Ohio State's pro day. It seems like there is a Buckeye that Dallas likes a lot.

Terrell McClain's Return From Injury Will Also Boost Defensive Line Rotation     Rob Phillips, Dallas

Everyone knows that Dallas needs help on the defensive front. That was why the team went out and acquired the services of  Cedric Thornton and Benson Mayowa during free agency and why we will see Jack Crawford back on the Cowboys sidelines in 2016. They need to have plenty of pieces for the rotation. Terrell McClain will rejoin that group this fall after going down in the same game that cost Tony Romo the first part of his season. McClain will add another piece to Rod Marinelli's Merry Band of Rushmen.

Moose call: Ex-Cowboy Johnston hoping Jalen Ramsey is available for Dallas     SportsDayDFW Staff, Dallas Morning News

Not much in the way of earth shattering information in this, but Moose and a few others give their thoughts on the Florida State DB via the Twitter-verse. Ironically, one of those pushing Ramsey is a man he might push out of a job.

Welcome to the War Room    Dallas Morning News

Every one of us knows that we would be a better general manager than Jerry Jones, right? The Dallas Morning News gives us an opportunity to make the picks for the Cowboys. It reminds me of Coty Saxman's roster builder from seasons gone by, but without the fun of felling the Ogletree.

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