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Cowboys Draft Rumors: Carson Wentz In Top 3, No Love For Joey Bosa, Possible Trade Up?

Do we believe what we're hearing?

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The 2016 draft is drawing closer, and the rumors are flying everywhere. Tony Pauline over at has his latest draft rumors up today and some of them involve the Dallas Cowboys. He reiterates his previous rumor that Jalen Ramsey is the player the Cowboys covet, but adds some other interesting nuggets. Of course, you have to be a little skeptical because it's been stated that the Cowboys haven't even started to assemble their draft board in earnest as they are finishing up visits from high-profile prospects. But let's indulge anyway.

Back in February I reported Jalen Ramsey was atop the Dallas Cowboys draft board and can tell you nothing has changed as the Florida State defensive back is still number one with the organization. I’m told the team has Carson Wentz of North Dakota State as their highest rated quarterback and top three on their board. Dallas has come off of Joey Bosa somewhat as I’m told Leon Lett is down on the Ohio State lineman. They continue to be very high on Buckeye running back Ezekiel Elliott. I spoke about both of those players being targets of the Cowboys at Philadelphia two weeks ago. The Cowboys are one of four teams that have inquired on moving up to the top spot of the draft. The other three teams are the Philadelphia Eagles, San Francisco 49ers and the New York Jets, who are the dark horse.

There is a lot there, so let's unpack it one at a time.

1. Jalen Ramsey is on the top of the Cowboys board.

I don't think there is a lot of disbelief with this one, many teams, scouts and pundits likely have Ramsey at the top of the draft, so the Cowboys doing the same is not a big stretch. Plus, Ramsey fits a need in the Cowboys secondary.

2. Carson Wentz is their top QB and in their top three.

Part one of this - Wentz is their top QB - is pretty believable. The battle between Wentz and Jared Goff as the top QB has been going on for the past month and the winner is in the eye of the beholder. So the Cowboys liking Wentz is fine. Having him in their top three is more contentious, because if that's so, then the Cowboys would have to go against following their board if they don't draft Wentz at number four, if he is available. Jerry Jones made noise about not drafting a QB at pick four, but if Wentz is in their top three, they really would need to draft him if he's available. If you believe in a QB that highly, you need to grab him.

3. The Cowboys, especially Leon Lett, are not high on Joey Bosa.

This has been mentioned before by Lance Zerliein, so this could be more confirmation of that fact. Specifically saying it's Lett who is pushing the issue lends it another veneer of credibility. But, it probably means more what Rod Marinelli and Jason Garrett think (along with the scouts and Joneses), so while this has an air of credibility to it, it may not  be the final word on the decision.

4. The Cowboys are high on Ezekiel Elliott.

This is probably not a big surprise, most teams in the league are probably high on Elliott. How much do they like him? Enough to take him at number four? That is the question.

5. The Cowboys inquired about moving up to the first pick.

Whoa. This would be a little bit of a surprise. Maybe they just did a quick look at what would it cost just to check all the boxes. We all kind of thought that trading down would be the more logical play. Behind the scenes I even told one of the other front-page writers (duckman) that I though there was a zero percent chance of the Cowboys trading up. Maybe that's wrong, maybe they are so enamored with Jalen Ramsey that they are willing to do it.

Ok BTB, your thoughts on these issue.

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