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Cowboys: Could Chris Brown Push Devin Street Off The Roster?

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Undrafted free agent Chris Brown could be a better long-term option for the Cowboys than Devin Street.

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The Dallas Cowboys' success with undrafted free agents has been well documented throughout the NFL. Tony Romo is a player undrafted free agents aspire to be and there are other players on the Cowboys' roster that have had similar success. Dan Bailey has made a name for himself as one of the best kickers in football and he's an undrafted player from Oklahoma State. Cole Beasley and Lucky Whitehead have carved out nice roles on the Cowboys as undrafted free agents.

After each draft, the Cowboys are definitely one of the teams to monitor regarding who they bring in. Out of their undrafted free agents, one player that is intriguing is Notre Dame's Chris Brown. For awhile, I've felt that the Cowboys should look into improving the wide receiver corps as a whole. It goes beyond improved play from Terrance Williams. The Cowboys need to get more competition here to push Williams to improve. Over the past two years, Devin Street has failed to do just that.

When the Cowboys traded up in the fifth round of the 2014 NFL Draft to nab Street, there was a thought that the Pittsburgh product could develop into a solid No. 2 receiver. However, Street never seized his opportunities and he failed to put on the necessary weight that is needed to break free from bigger, stronger cornerbacks. Dallas had a third-round grade on Street in that draft and the staff may see more potential in Street, but Brown has the tools to eventually become a big contributor for this football team.

While Brown's measurables don't necessarily equate to NFL success, but he's an intelligent receiver that's extremely reliable. Brown excels in finding holes in the defense and if it weren't for injuries as well as being shadowed by Will Fuller, Brown would've likely been drafted on the final day of the draft.

Dallas has an interesting receivers corps. Dez Bryant is the all-around guy who excels at everything, while Williams can be extremely dangerous when he's on his game. The Cowboys also have two gadget players in Beasley and Whitehead. While the Cowboys will likely not take six receivers on their roster, Brice Butler and Brown are both players that can be used in the same way.

Both are deep-ball receivers that provide a certain element that defenses have to key in on. Looking at Street and you see a guy that is not capable of doing those things. Street is a fluid receiver that excels in route-running and adjusting to the ball within the air. However, Brown is similar in regards to how crisp his route-running skills are and how he can bring in contested catches. Judging by those two traits and the potential of the two, the Cowboys could be forced to make a decision between two players that are quite similar. And because he's a younger option that provides more components to the office, Brown might just be the guy that is worth keeping over Street.

Obviously, Brown will have a tougher road, as Street has the advantage of knowing the offense and being more familiar with the rest of the roster. But Brown will be given the opportunity to jump right in and prove himself. Brown's workout numbers were impressive. It's worth mentioning that he was a stud track jumper and sprinter in high school. If Brown can put on weight to match his speed, which he likely will with an NFL weight room and conditioning program, the Cowboys will be getting a unique player that can do a lot for this offense.

Street has been given numerous opportunities to grab a bigger role in the offense. But his inconsistencies, confidence, and slow get-off are indicators that the Cowboys have to start thinking about the future of the roster, one that is without Street. With an improved running game, the Cowboys will have the ability to feature the deep-ball more in their offense. The explosive factor Brown can provide to this offense will be something to monitor as training camp nears and the regular season approaches.

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