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Which Dallas Cowboys Games Should Be The Top 3 For New YouTube Content?

So many games to choose from.

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The NFL recently announced they are expanding their relationship with YouTube. No, they still are not allowing us to embed their official videos, but they are doing something that will be pretty fun for fans of each NFL team. They will upload complete game tape of three of the most memorable games for each of the 32 NFL teams.

As part of the renewal, and for the first time ever on YouTube, the NFL will make available some of the most exciting games in NFL history. Three of the most memorable games for each of the 32 clubs in the NFL will be posted to the NFL's official channel on YouTube prior to the start of the 2016 season.

Additionally, more NFL content, including game highlights uploaded to YouTube while games are in progress, will be available through Google Search. A simple Google search for NFL team will display official NFL video along with related news and information all delivered to the user in one distinct box at the top of the search results. Kickoff time and broadcast information for every NFL game will also be prominently displayed in Google Search.

The full games of three of the most memorable Cowboys' games will be pretty fun to watch. That got me thinking, which games should be chosen for Dallas? There is a long history to look at, so let's open it up for discussion.

Here are some candidates from games the Cowboys won, I included some recent games as well even though they don't have the prestige as some of the historical ones. It is by no means an exhaustive list. Also, we could just include each of the five Super Bowls the Cowboys have won, so let's just assume they are among the candidates.

1. The Hail Mary Game (1975 season) - Dallas defeats Minnesota in the playoffs on a last-second bomb from Roger Staubach to Drew Pearson, and the term "Hail Mary" was born in football.

2. Comeback Over Atlanta (1980 season) - The Cowboys were losing by a lot in the second half of a playoff game on the road until Danny White led a miracle comeback.

3. The Mad Bomber (1974 season) - On Thanksgiving Day the Cowboys were losing big to Washington and had lost Staubach to injury, but Clint "The Mad Bomber" Longley saved the day.

4. NFC Championship Game (1992 season) - The Cowboys finally return to the Super Bowl with a win over the 49ers and begin their dynasty.

5. The Blueprint Over Seattle (2014 season) - Seattle was considered invincible at home, but Dallas ran over the Seahawks creating a blueprint for other teams and announced they were back as contenders.

6. The Jason Garrett Game (1994 season) - On Thanksgiving, the Cowboys had to start Garrett because both Troy Aikman and Rodney Peete were hurt. Garrett led the Cowboys to a big second-half comeback to beat the Packers.

7. The Turnover Game (2007 season) - Romo turned the ball over six times against the Bills, but still managed to lead a last-second drive for a TD, and Dallas recovered an onside kick to win on a field goal.

8. Staubach's Last Win (1979 season) - With the NFC East title on the line, Staubach lead one of his patented fourth-quarter comebacks to knock Washington out of the playoffs.

You could also include some of the Cowboys losses like "The Catch" versus the 49ers, the "Ice Bowl" versus the Packers, and the two Super Bowl losses to the Steelers in the 70s, among others.

So hit up the comments and let us know which three games you would choose for the Cowboys, either from this list our your own suggestions.

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