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Dallas Cowboys Offseason 2016: Five Potential Impact Players Not Named Ezekiel Elliott

Everyone loves Ezekiel Elliott but here are five other players that will have a huge impact on the success of the 2016 Dallas Cowboys.

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Dallas Cowboys fans are excited about the prospects of Ezekiel Elliott, so excited, that it seems to be the only thing that anyone is talking about. If the Cowboys are going to put the disastrous 2015 season behind them, it's going to take a lot more than one running back to make an impact. Don't get me wrong, Elliott will be a huge part of the success for the Cowboys, but there are others that need to step up.

In order to refrain from being predictable, this isn't going to be a write-up focusing on the Tony Romo's, Jason Witten's, or Dez Bryant's of the world. We'll also avoid the usual suspects like Rolando McClain and Sean Lee, we know that they can do when at their best. At this point, they know their roles and of course, they are going to be right in line with Elliott as big contributors. What we're looking for are guys that, in their role, can find a way to help the Cowboys win ballgames. Some guys will be more obvious than others but here we go:

Tyrone Crawford, 3T

Wherever Crawford is lined up to begin this season, he has to make an impact. If he's playing defensive end to get them through the first month, he needs to show power and ability to set the edge. If he lines up in his natural position of 3-tech, he needs to be every bit of the player that Marinelli has envisioned. After getting his shoulder repaired, he seems to be building more strength and power for his position. He's been in breakout mode for the past couple seasons.

The Cowboys finally made a significant effort to build the defensive tackle position into one with athleticism and strength. Cedric Thornton is now starting next to him and that's a solid player to have on his side. If they can keep the heat coming up the middle, the edge rushers will be able to free themselves quicker and get into the backfield. Tyrone Crawford is the elder statesman on the defensive line at only 26. He's their leader and now he has to show it out on the field. If he's playing great, chances are the entire line will be finding time to feast. They're a young bunch, now they need to be hungry.

Byron Jones, FS

Jones has a legitimate chance at having a Pro Bowl campaign in 2016. His athleticism is superior to just about everyone on the team. He is going to be put out on an island in the free safety position and allowed to play what they believe comes naturally to him. The return of Orlando Scandrick should help Jones by having his leadership out there. Jones is an intelligent young player with all the attributes you would want in a free safety. He's got the play recognition and ability to keep himself in the range of play. The Cowboys will need much more than that from him, though.

They need a player that can lead and get everyone else to line up in the correct position. They need a player that makes all the calls in the secondary, something he already did a lot towards the end of last season. Jones can be a catalytic player for the defense and one that has ball skills to make key plays at big moments in the game. The Cowboys need Jones to make the leap into stardom. By having Jones as the last line of defense, it allows for Barry Church to remain in the box, where he should be. It allows for Brandon Carr, Morris Claiborne and Scandrick to play with more confidence.

Terrance Williams, WR

Williams is in a contract year and it's going to be important for him to take advantage of that position. He may not get a second contract in Dallas, but he can prove to other teams that he's a solid number two. With the running game returning to the ZBS, and the amount of attention a healthy Dez Bryant will command, Williams will have plenty of opportunities. In the past, Williams has shown his ability to get deep and make eye-popping plays such as the toe-drag reception in Seattle or the Romo-bailout against the Texans.

However, he also has a tendency to disappear in some games and the Cowboys need him to not do that anymore. Romo has found ways to get the receivers involved like Cole Beasley but Williams has the length and ability to score touchdowns with regularity (11 in 2014, including playoffs.) Dallas needs Williams to be at his best and help them make plays when Bryant is facing good coverage. Williams knows how to beat his one-on-ones, he just needs to be more consistent.

Charles Tapper, DE

There is real excitement about the prospects for Charles Tapper. Sure, he's a fourth-round pick and he's a rookie but Tapper has the measureables to succeed. What is also important is that over the remainder of the offseason and start of the season, he'll get a chance to push for playing time. It's important for the Cowboys to have rush ends that have speed and that's right where Tapper fits in. He's very athletic and disruptive. Like Gregory, he has heavy hands and plays with violence.

With all the stuff surrounding Gregory and his absence for the first month, Tapper could do a lot for his future by making a quick impact. Gregory was exciting to watch last preseason and Tapper could end up being a camp standout that can make an immediate impact if used the right way. The Cowboys need people to step up on the defensive line, Tapper is my candidate to be effective even as a rookie.

Brice Butler, WR

Back to the receivers, here's a guy that could be the reason Terrance Williams doesn't get re-signed. Butler had flashes last season without Romo in the form of a player that can make big plays downfield. He's got size and quickness but also the soft hands to make spectacular plays. Dallas traded for this guy for a reason and between he and the other receivers on the roster, that's a pretty solid group. Butler could really become the Laurent Robinson in 2016 if he can harness his talent and stay healthy.

He has the reputation of a guy that loves what football allows him to do but just may not love football. I hope that's not the case but Bryan Broaddus seems to think it may be. Butler has big play abilities and can take the top off a defense. That 4.37 speed has been on display before but Butler must stay healthy. If he can do that, he can take his skills to the next level in this offense. Think about what it looks like to have Dez, Butler, Williams, and Beasley in the slot. That's a hard group to contend with for any defensive secondary.

We went a little outside the box on some of these picks with the most obvious players being the first two but the Cowboys need help at a multitude of spots. All of these above listed players could really turn the tide of 2015 into something much better in the coming season.

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