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Cowboys Ronald Leary Requesting A Trade According To Reports

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys got together as a team today to start preparations for the 2016 campaign. One player who was reportedly absent from the voluntary OTA session was reserve guard Ronald Leary. Not only was Leary absent, but reports are circulating that he wants the Cowboys to trade him. Leary was absent from today's OTA but he's also stayed away for the Cowboys offseason training program.

Leary was once a starter at left guard for the Cowboys and was a pretty decent one at that. He signed with the Cowboys as a prized UDFA in 2012 and started at left guard for the 2013 and 2014 seasons. After starting in the beginning of the 2015 campaign, he was eventually replaced in the starting lineup by an even more prized UDFA, La'el Collins. Leary is now looking at a reserve role after singing his second-round tender for $2.5 million.

The Cowboys received interest from other teams about acquiring Leary during the draft, but it was never enough for the Cowboys to move him.

"We've had calls on him, yeah," [Stephen] Jones said. "If we needed to do something today, we could have."

"Obviously, he'd like to start somewhere, and I don't blame him for that," Jones said. "I think he's a starting-caliber offensive guard in this league."

"As the draft goes, if the right situation presented itself - we think the world of Ron," he said. "If we got what we thought was fair, and Ron thought he was getting a chance to be a starter - which, I think he is a starting-caliber guard. If it worked out for both of us, we'd like to help him out - and help us out."

Dallas signed guard/center free agent Joe Looney who has experience in the league, but they still value Leary's abilities enough to hold on to him until someone offers up a trade deal they feel comfortable with. Leary was a restricted free agent this season, but next year he would be an unrestricted free agent. The Cowboys would probably like to get something for him if they could, and as teams start seeing more injuries during the offseason, they may be able to set up a mutually beneficial trade.