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Cowboys Spelling Bee: Most Misspelled Cowboys Player Names

You'd think that most fans would be able to spell the players on their teams correctly, but that's not necessarily the case.

Tom Pennington/Getty Images

If you missed the Nation Spelling Bee Championships Thursday night, you also missed how co-champion Nihar Janga was so pumped to win, he threw up the Dez Bryant "X" in celebration.

This did not go unnoticed by Dez Bryant.


Two years ago, inspired by another spelling bee, the Wall Street Journal took a look at the most misspelled names in sports. Topping the list at the time was Dwyane Wade, who was most often misspelled in print and online articles. The most misspelled NFL player at the time was Brett Favre, who showed up at 14.

No current or former Cowboys player shows up on the list, but that's only because the WSJ didn't include the comments section of Blogging The Boys in their research. That's what we'll remedy today.

I don't want to be that guy who constantly carps about typos and spelling mistakes, but when it comes to spelling Dallas Cowboys player names, one should reasonably be able to expect that we would get those names right. Right?

Wrong. The table below shows which players have been misspelled the most in the comments section of BTB (as indicated by our always unreliable search function).

Player name No. of comments A/K/A 1 No. of comments A/K/A 2 No. of comments
Zack (Martin) 5,177 Zach 6,577 - - - -
(Ezekiel) Elliott 3,456 Elliot
2,698 - - - -
Terrance (Williams) 3,957 Terrence 1,818 Terence 706
(Kyle) Wilber 3,488 Wilbur 1,065 Wilberforce 269
(James) Hanna 5,891 Hannah 935 - - - -
(Jason) Witten 48,515 Whitten 430 - - - -
(Cole) Beasley 8,177 Bease 2,102 Beastley 935
(Marc) Colombo 10,157 Columbo 2,330 - - - -
Emmitt (Smith) 9,505 Emmit 795 - - - -
Others (Brett) Favre 4,300 Farve 705 - - - -

Oh, and Tyron Smith (not the mysterious player some people refer to as Tyrone Smith) is not on the list because our search function is unable to distinguish between Tyron and Tyrone. Other Cowboys favorites that our search function can't properly locate are Michael Irving or Keith Brookings, among others.

The BTB comments section is not the only place typos, misspellings, or faulty grammar can be found, and in no way am I advocating that it should be; otherwise we might have called our little corner of the internet Spelling The Boys, not Blogging The Boys.

Mark Twain allegedly once said, "I don't give a damn for a man that can only spell a word one way." And while he may not have been welcome at the National Spelling Bee last night with a quote like that, he's welcome here.

What's your favorite typo or misspelling that you have come across, here on BTB or elsewhere?

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