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Cowboys News: Ronald Leary Wants A Trade, Redecorates Twitter Account To Send Message?

Latest Cowboys headlines: Leary redecorates his twitter account; Who steps out as the defensive leader?

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Former Cowboy says everything at OTAs has been centered around Ezekiel Elliott- Staff, Sportsday
If OTAs serve as any indication as to what the regular season might look like, it appears it's going to include a nice tall glass of Ezekiel Elliott. Former Cowboys great waller, Nate Newton thinks he sees something special and he would know what special looks like.

On Ezekiel Elliott:

Newton: The guy is smooth. He has no wasted motion. Everything is kind of centered around him. Even when they did team, they did one-on-one, all of this is centered around a running back. It's been a long time since we had a training camp where we could look at a skill position player and say 'Wow, there could be something special about this guy.'

The Dallas Cowboys offensive line deserves Ezekiel Elliott - Steven Mullenax, The Landry Hat
Everyone is always talking how lucking the running back is to run behind this line, but when does anyone ever consider the feelings of offensive linemen? Maybe it's time to reward them and I know just the thing to do the trick.

With Elliott in the backfield, many analysts are now predicting that the Cowboys will win the NFC East. I’m not sure they would be doing the same if Dallas had opted to draft a defender fourth overall and were handing off to a 29-year old McFadden and free agent running back Alfred Morris.

Where La'el Collins needs to improve to be a productive lineman for Cowboys - Rick Gosselin, SportsDay
The Cowboys left guard is firmly planted into the starting lineup, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have work to do.

Question: Where would you say La'el Collins needs to improve the most to be productive on this offensive line? He had some crazy highlights last year but looked like a rookie at other times

Gosselin: His effort. His consistency. In college you might face an elite defensive linemen 2-3 times in a season. In the NFL, you see one every Sunday. The talent is there for Collins to become an elite blocker. He needs to understand he must bring the A-game every week.

Cowboys Wise To Hang On To Assets - Jess Haynie, Inside The Star
With Ron Leary asking for a trade, the Cowboys could look to find the right deal. But if something goes down, don't expect it happen right away.

Simply put, it’s just too soon to start tossing quality players aside. So much can happen between now and Week One. Unless you get a truly greater offer, the prudent choice is to get through your camps and see if your current luxuries still exist as the season nears.

Not only may those luxuries have increased, but other teams’ desperation may have done the same. Patience will likely be rewarded by a better seller’s market. And if injuries hit you, then now you’ve got assets that can either help you at that position or be moved to supplement you where you’re hurting.

Ronald Leary sends unmistakable message to Cowboys - Mike Florio, ProFootballTalk
The Cowboys aren't likely to relinquish a player like Leary without getting something good in return. While the front office remains patient, Leary is not.

Leary meanwhile has made it clear that he doesn’t care about what the Cowboys get; he just wants out. The latest tangible piece of evidence comes from Leary stripping all references to the Cowboys from his Twitter page, via the Dallas Morning News.

Ron Leary sends not-so-subtle message to Cowboys on Twitter amid trade demand - Adam Grosbard, Sportsday
The Cowboys backup guard is remodeling his twitter profile. He altered his bio as well as changing his profile picture.

He's since edited it to read, "Offensive Lineman in the National Football Leage.. Blessed For This Opportunity Wearin The Biggest Chip On My Shoulder EveryDay.. #LsUp #GodGotMe."

Leary also changed his profile picture from one of the Cowboys offensive line to him in a Captain America T-shirt. The only thing that remained the same is that he identified himself as still living in Dallas, Texas, but that's not much consolation.

OCC showed this already, but here it is in case you missed it.

Ronald Leary strips Cowboys references from Twitter - Steven Mullenax, The Landry Hat
While the Cowboys reserve lineman can hold his breath all he wants, it might be all for naught because he doesn't have a whole lot to stand on. He already signed his tender so he's under contract.

The bottom line is Leary has no leverage here. Unless another NFL team is willing to pony up enough to trade for him, the veteran lineman will likely be forced to play in Dallas for another season.

Dak Prescott tells us why he's following Wings guard Skylar Diggins on Twitter - Staff, Sportsday
Speaking of twitter, the team's new quarterback hasn't always gained popularity from Cowboys fans for his twitter decisions, but this one seems alright.

Why he follows Skylar Diggins:

Prescott: She's a great athlete as well [laughs]. Cause she's a great athlete for real though. She promotes the women's game... and she's good looking. Maybe Lucky [Whitehead] can take me to a game, I saw he was courtside the other day.

Because she's good looking. At least the kid is honest.

Who will Lead the Cowboys Defense in 2016? - Sean Martin, Inside The Star
The Cowboys will be looking for players to step up on the defensive side of the ball. There are a few good candidates, but who emerges as the top dog?

Crawford, although a quieter leader, has emerged as a veteran for this scrappy group – and should be in store for a dominant season. Crawford enters 2016 at full strength after being no where close to 100% healthy in 2015.

Not only does he have his full health and strength back, but Crawford will get to play next to free agent acquisition Cedric Thornton, as well as the likes of rookie Maliek Collins, David Irving, Jack Crawford, and Terrell McClain.

The Dallas Cowboys hope to provide pressure from the inside out - Tyler Harris, The Landry Hat
The Cowboys have bolstered their talent in the middle of the defensive line. Players like Warren Sapp (Tampa Bay) and Henry Melton (Chicago) have been the staple of Rod Marinelli's defense in past years, but who's his guy in Dallas?

Every successful defense that Marinelli has coached during his 20 years in the NFL has had a defensive tackle that was a Pro Bowl-caliber talent. Many believe that Crawford fits that bill in Dallas. And there is plenty of optimism surrounding Collins. If those two can have the type of impact others have had in past Marinelli defenses, we may be seeing a much improved unit in 2016 in both overall play and turnovers.

2015 Cowboys Defense Was Better Against The Big Play Than You May Think - One Cool Customer, BTB
If you like statistics, well-thought out arguments, and compelling evidence to make your case for the Cowboys defense, then this is right up your alley. The Cool One provides some insight to another key ingredient for a successful defense.

Contrary to takeaways, the ability to defend big plays is something that you can plan and scheme for. You need good safety/nickel corner play to defend the big play up the middle and you need a middle linebacker who can drop back in coverage (which is why you should be excited about Byron Jones, hope that Rolando McClain stays clean, and pray for Jaylon Smith to get healthy).

And if all that statistical goodness is not your thing, then here's a video of cats being afraid of cucumbers. We got something for everyone over here at BTB.

Wet forecast: Cowboys backup QB competition calls for Moore-Showers - Jarren Glover, Cowboys Wire
Just when you thought the puns couldn't get any worse ... The battle of the backups will be something that garners a lot interest from Cowboys fans, especially after what happened last season. Jameil Showers has become the forgotten one, but he's still hanging around.

Now it’s more than likely that the Cowboys will only keep three quarterbacks on the roster. Of course, Romo will man the starting position. Prescott is all but surely going to make the team because the coaching staff is going to need time for him to develop.

That leaves Moore and Showers to duke it out for QB2.

It’s May, and Moore is the front runner right now, but that doesn’t mean that there won’t be competition. He’s going to have to earn it just like every other player on 53-man roster.

Every NFL Team's Hidden Gem in the 2016 Draft - Kristopher Knox, Bleacher Report
I don't like to play spoilers, but in case you don't like clicking through the teams until you get to Dallas, here's the selection.

Brown shows up on film as the best player on the Purdue roster, so he's easy to spot. He's a true man-coverage cornerback with closing speed, instincts and the hips to turn and run through transitions against NFL talent. Not only that, but Brown is a willing tackler in the run game.

A patient, poised cornerback in man and zone coverage alike, Brown doesn't panic against speed and doesn't back down against power. He shows the awareness to find and attack the ball, scoring 16 pass breakups in the last two seasons.

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