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Cowboys Injury Updates: Lee, Scandrick, Lawrence, Escobar All Expected Back For Start Of Training Camp

The Cowboys want most of their injured players ready for the start of training camp, and it looks like they're on track.

Mickey Spagnola is "The Injury Guy" on the Talking Cowboys show on And after the first week of OTAS, Mickey recapped the status of all the injured players on the roster on the show.

You can listen in on Mickey and the guys in the online version of last week’s Talking Cowboys, or read through the partial transcript below.

Mickey: "Some of the guys were there and only participated in the walkthrough part of practice, and then when there was any amount of contact, they came out."

On Dez Bryant: Being very cautious with him. They want him, they want everybody to be ready to play in the third preseason game. The start of training camp is the goal, but the most important thing is be ready to play that third preseason game.

On Orlando Scandrick: Coming back from last year’s ACL. There’s no need to put him out there in this stuff. They want him to be able to participate when they get to training camp.

On Sean Lee: Just recently had the knee scoped. He said he’s doing great, feeling better than he ever has, but again, there’s no need putting him out there. Remember when he tore his ACL in the first practice of the first OTA a couple of years ago.

On Demarcus Lawrence: He had the herniated disk surgery He’s doing his rehab, he took part in the walkthrough, the stretch, and all that stuff. But then when everything else began he went and continued rehabbing.

On Barry Church: They’re being very cautious with Barry Church. After the fractured forearm. He was one of the early guys out there and then came out.

On Tyrone Crawford: Limited. He did the walkthrough Tuesday and Wednesday, and then yesterday, he got out there a little more when they went team 11-on-11. Obviously no real contact, and then Maliek Collins rotated in his spot, so he was just somewhat limited.

On Gavin Escobar: Was out doing his rehab, again, beginning of training camp.

On Lance Dunbar: I would imagine he’s going to be placed on PUP to start training camp and just see how quickly he comes along. So he’s out there doing rehab.

On David Irving: He did something. He was with Mike Woicik doing rehab.

On Rolan Milligan: He had, I don’t know if he had a hamstring or what, but he wasn’t a full participation.

The start of training camp is still eight weeks away, the third preseason game In Seattle is scheduled for Thursday, August 25, a full 85 days from today. That should give everybody except probably Lance Dunbar enough time to heal up.

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