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Are The Cowboys Concerned About The Cornerback Position?

Even if they don't sign him the Cowboys' interest in Brandon Boykin is quite interesting for a variety of reasons.

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Just when you thought the Dallas Cowboys were done entertaining free agency and instead just sticking with the guys they currently have, we get reports that the Cowboys and representatives from Brandon Boykin's camp were talking. Boykin worked out for the Cowboys on Wednesday and the two sides were talking and while Boykin said his workout went great, the two sides never ended up agreeing on anything. And at least for now, there seems to be no movement between the two parties.

It's been an interesting couple of seasons for Boykin. Just two years ago he was a big contributor to the Philadelphia Eagles' defense. He had six interceptions in the 2013 season alone. The Eagles traded Boykin to the Pittsburgh Steelers for a conditional draft pick and despite playing in one of the worst secondaries in football, Boykin couldn't get on the field. Boykin became a free agent and even then his market in free agency wasn't that hot. The Carolina Panthers ended up signing him, but he was released just two months later, as the Panthers drafted three rookie cornerbacks in the draft.

It seemed to be a mystery as to why Boykin couldn't find a home and stay there, but Steelers secondary coach Carnell Lake said something about Boykin that might've been the reason for the mystery:

Despite what Lake said, Boykin said that he was healthy and this was not an issue. He blamed Lake for saying those comments.

Hip injury or not, bringing Boykin in for a workout is something that should raise an eyebrow for the Cowboys. This is a team that hasn't had any free agency contact for a few weeks now. That led me to believe that the Cowboys were happy with the guys they have on the roster now, but their interest in Boykin intrigues me. Perhaps the Cowboys just wanted another cornerback. Or maybe they are looking to the future.

With the team releasing Terrance Mitchell and Brandon McGee yesterday, it could mean something that the general public doesn't know about. Mitchell was one of the lone bright spots from the end of the 2015 NFL season, but the Cowboys made it clear that he was not in the franchise's plans going forward after cutting him so early in the preseason.

Dallas' only cornerbacks on the roster that are signed through the 2016 season are Scandrick, Anthony Brown, and Josh Thomas. In case Morris Claiborne and Brandon Carr do not perform in 2016, the Cowboys could find themselves in a similar situation to the one they were in over the 2012 offseason, where they had a big need at the cornerback position. Boykin working out for the team may not mean anything serious, but the cornerback position will definitely be something to watch in the coming weeks. Expect a cornerback move within the coming days, whether that addition is Boykin, Antonio Cromartie, or some other guy.

Mandatory training camp officially begins on June 14th.

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