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Dallas Cowboys Minicamp Updates From Day 3 Of Practice: Saying Goodbye To Valley Ranch

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Today's practice seemed a little different for the Dallas Cowboys than the previous two this week. Mainly because it was the final practice at Valley Ranch. Yes, the Cowboys have completed their run at Valley Ranch, their training facility since 1985. Next month, the team will move to The Star, its new facility in Frisco, Texas. So while the team did get in some work today, there was also a lot of time spent remembering Valley Ranch.

Tony Romo commented on the scene, and of Jason Garrett rolling a video recounting earlier days at the Ranch.

"It was a little bit of a nostalgic day," said quarterback Tony Romo, who first walked into Valley Ranch in 2003. "We started off actually looking at a little Cowboys practice tape from 20 or 25 years ago. There weren't too many houses out back and a lot of fields. You just remember how many great players and practices, how many they've had through the years here, the great coaches and people who walk these halls. We're going to miss it. It's been a special place to me, obviously throughout my career."

Plenty of Cowboys alumni showed for the nostalgic day.

After practice, players spoke with some of the alumni on hand, including Michael Irvin, Daryl Johnston, Chad Hennings, Nate Newton, John Gesek, Russell Maryland, Tony Casillas, Miles Austin and Andre Gurode.

The Cowboys did practice today. Some of the highlights include Cole Beasley:

Your daily injury update:

If you were still holding out hope the Cowboys would practice with another team in training camp this year, it doesn't look like it's going to happen.

And in case you're wondering about who is the focus of the running game, don't.

Considering first-team reps per team period usually number eight, that's a lot of touches.

Since Dez Bryant hasn't really been able to participate in practices, he and Tony Romo plan to get together before training camp and get some time in building back up their chemistry.

"There's a schedule in place," Romo said. "We're going to be out there. And, he needs to just run routes and simulate two-minute. You've got to do these little things that emulate practice and games. And the only way to do that is to get out on the football field and go do it. Now, the hard part is having the defensive back right in front of your face and dealing some of those other little things. But you can do just about everything from your own physical standpoint when it comes to your lungs, your technique, the stuff that you do as if it were off coverage. Once you get to camp, it will take just a little bit of time to get the other stuff back. But he's played the game long enough that it won't take him much time. We just need him healthy. And when he's healthy, that stuff comes very fast."

A final goodbye to Valley Ranch.

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