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Voting Opens For Classic Cowboys Games On YouTube

NFL: Dallas Cowboys Training Camp Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

A while back, we posted the news that the NFL was going to upload three complete classic games to YouTube for each team. At the time of that post we speculated on what games should be added for the Dallas Cowboys. Of course, the five Super Bowl wins were easy candidates to choose. We also guessed that maybe the "Hail Mary" game would be an option when the Cowboys pulled out a last-second victory over the Vikings in the playoffs thanks to Roger Staubach and Drew Pearson. Another one we opined on was the Cowboys comeback win over the Falcons in the playoffs. That one was courtesy of Danny White among others.

Well, both of those made the initial list of games that the public can vote on to be added. The poll for the first game to be uploaded is on an NFL Facebook page and breaks down like this.

In addition to the two games mentioned above, there are also three Super Bowl games for the Cowboys. Wins in Super Bowl 6 over the Dolphins, Super Bowl 12 over the Broncos, and Super Bowl 27 over the Bills .

So now that we have the list, you can go over and vote in their poll for your favorite game of those five nominees, and then vote in our own poll. Also, be sure to hit up the comments and let us know why you voted for the game you did.

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