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Tony Romo Pretty Much Owns The NFC East

You might surprised how successful Tony Romo has been against the NFC East, and how bad the Cowboys have been without him.

Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Tony Romo has won six of his last seven games against the New York Giants, dating all the way back to 2012. The Giants' sole win against Tony Romo since 2012 came on 10/28/2012 and they needed Dez Bryant's fingertips to land out of bounds to win that one.

The Eagles' record against Romo is a similarly lopsided: Tony Romo won five of the six games he's played against Philly since 2012. The Eagles' only win came on Thanksgiving in 2014, when the Eagles got the better of a Cowboys team that had played a Sunday Night away game just four days earlier.

A clearly discombobulated Romo, in only his second week back after suffering transverse process fractures in his back, had his worst game of the season, with a 53.7 passer rating, two interceptions and no TDs.

Two weeks later and sufficiently rested, Romo and the Cowboys traveled to Philly and beat the Eagles 38-27. Romo threw three touchdowns that day, all to Dez Bryant, with the final one putting the game out of reach for the Eagles.

Like so often, the Redskins are the odd man out in the NFC East, as they somehow managed to cobble together a 3-3 record against Tony Romo-led Cowboys teams over the last four years. Two of those wins came courtesy of Robert Griffin, which goes a long way towards explaining the mancrush Jerry Jones has for Griffin.

But Griffin is no longer in Washington, and a Romo-less 2015 team managed to get its only win of the season against the Redskins, quarterbacked by the mighty, mighty Matt Cassel. Fittingly the game was won by Dan Bailey's fourth field goal of the night, the last of which he made from 54 yards to lead the Cowboys to a 19-16 win.

That Washington game, also marked the only time the Cowboys won an NFC East game without Tony Romo in the last four years. Without Tony Romo, the Cowboys are 1-4 in the division over the last four years, with Tony Romo they are 14-5.

That's quite remarkable.

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