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Don't Call It A Comeback: Ranking Tony Romo's Fourth-Quarter Comebacks (#13)

Over the next several weeks before training camp, let's relive some of Tony Romo's best comeback stories. We head back to 2008 for another Eagles-Cowboys classic.

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[In the ten seasons that Tony Romo has been the starting quarterback, he's engineered some great fourth-quarter heroics to bring the Cowboys to victories. Since 2006, no quarterback has had more fourth-quarter comeback victories, 25 to be exact, than Tony Romo. His passer rating in the final quarter of football is an astounding 102.9, five points higher than the number two guy (Aaron Rodgers). Romo also holds the mantle of most game-winning drives among active quarterbacks (29) as well as passer rating in the final two minutes (93.1).

Over the next several weeks before the team heads out to Oxnard and starts it all up again, I thought we could take some time to look back at Mr. Clutch Quarterback himself. We're going to rank all of his comeback tales from good to great, from awesome to completely amazing. Here's looking at you, Mr. Romo.]

13. Divisional Showdown In Week 2 (Sept. 15, 2008)

Both teams entered the season 1-0 and it was a battle for the ages in only the second week of the season. Donovan McNabb brought his Eagles to Dallas to take on Tony Romo and the Cowboys. At this point, the Cowboys were coming off a 13-3 season that ended with the Giants holding the Lombardi. The Cowboys were out to prove they were the best team in the NFL and they signed high-risk, high-reward talent types like Adam Jones and Tank Johnson in hopes of upgrading their team significantly and take them over the top.

Right out of the gate, the Eagles started driving at will down the field with a couple of intermediate completions by McNabb. On a 3rd and 3 from the Dallas 16, McNabb missed DeSean Jackson and David Akers made it 3-0 Eagles on the first drive of the game.

The Cowboys had a response in them as two first downs later Romo hits a wide-open Terrell Owens for 72 yards over the middle and the score to give the Cowboys a 7-3 lead. A couple of penalties committed by the Cowboys' defense aided the Eagles into Dallas territory but McNabb misses on 3rd and 9 intended for Brian Westbrook. David Akers cuts the lead to one-point with a 44-yard field goal.

Akers is back out as he kicks the ball 68-yards but Felix Jones runs it all the way back, 98-yards for the touchdown and the Cowboys lead 14-6. After the next Eagles' drive is stalled, the Cowboys come back out but Romo throws an interception to Asante Samuel on 2nd and 9.

Anthony Henry commits pass interference on the very next play and McNabb finds Westbrook for the six-yard touchdown. The Eagles trail 14-13.

On the Cowboys' ensuing drive from their own three, Romo is hit by Brian Dawkins and fumbles the ball, it's recovered in the end zone. Just like that, the Eagles go up 20-14. After Dallas is aided by another long return from Felix Jones, Romo finds Jason Witten for 15 yards and then completes another pass to Martellus Bennett for 20 more yards. After two rushes by Marion Barber for another 12, Romo finds Owens again for his second touchdown of the game to take the lead 21-20 with 10 minutes left in the half.

Quinten Demps puts up a 23-yard return but McNabb is sacked on first down for -8 by Jay Ratliff. McNabb connects with Jason Avant for 12 yards then finds DeSean Jackson for 61 yards but he drops the ball before he enters the end zone (typical DeSean-style), the Eagles recover their own fumble and Westbrook punches it in for the 27-21 lead.

The Cowboys can't make anything of their next drive and are forced to punt. McNabb is back on offense and he is finding just about every receiver on the roster after he suffers a sack by Greg Ellis on first down. Leading the Eagles down the field with 1:05 left in the half, Ellis makes a critical stop on 3rd down and the Eagles kick a FG to go up 30-21 at 49 seconds left in the half.

Jones helps the Cowboys with another nice return and Romo completes a 42-yard pass to Jason Witten, Nick Folk boots a 51-yarder at the half to narrow the Eagles' lead to six points, 30-24.

Dallas can't do anything with their first possession of the second half and Philly follows it up with big fat nothing of their own. The Cowboys are back on offense and Romo is dinking and dunking his way down the field. Trent Cole gets called for an unnecessary roughness and 15 more yards. Marion Barber then breaks off a 19-yard run and two plays later, Romo finds Barber in the end zone for 17 yards and the score. Cowboys lead by one at 31-30 with 5:00 in the third.

The Eagles are back driving the ball down again but McNabb fumbles. He lucks out as his fumble is recovered by Westbrook. Then the Cowboys' defense picks up a facemask penalty and the Eagles cash that in the form of a one-yard run by Westbrook and the lead at 37-31.

Romo carves up the Eagles once again but is stopped on 3rd and 9. Nick Folk bails them out and the Cowboys are down 37-34 with over 10 minutes left to play. On the Eagles' next drive, McNabb fumbles again but no lucky breaks this time as Ratliff recovers the ball. Romo finds Patrick Crayton for 16, Miles Austin twice for 12, then follows with a 32-yard bomb to Jason Witten. Two plays and one Eagles' penalty later, Barber runs it in from the one and gives the Cowboys a 41-37 lead.

The Eagles next drive is ended by their own offensive penalties. The Cowboys try and burn some clock, but Philly uses their timeouts wisely which is surprising that Andy Reid did that for once. The Eagles try one last ditch effort to get down the field but DeMarcus Ware and Greg Ellis both pick up sacks and Philly is left lateraling the ball. Mike Jenkins makes the tackle and Romo kneels the ball twice to end this melee.

Philly would pay the Cowboys back at the end of the season with a 44-6 thrashing and the Cowboys would finish third in the NFC East at 9-7 but no playoffs. The Cowboys would bounce back and get the last laugh in 2009 beating the Eagles three times in one season including a playoff win and 11-5 record to win the East.

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