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Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott Has Sold More Jerseys Than Any Other NFL Rookie

The No. 1 guy on the Cowboy's recently leaked draft board has the No. 1 selling rookie jersey in the NFL.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Ezekiel Elliott was ranked No. 1 overall on the Cowboys' recently leaked 2016 draft board, and now he's No. 1 in jersey sales as well.

Via Randall Liu, the NFL’s director of NFC Football Communications, Elliott has the No. 1 jersey at since April.

Frankly, Elliott being No. 1 shouldn't come as much of a surprise for fans of America's Team, though some other fans might dispute the former and seethe at the latter.

When a team like the Cowboys uses a high draft pick on a flashy skill position player, they're going to sell a boatload of jerseys. Plus there are obviously a ton of smart fans out there who understand what a player like Elliott can do behind an offensive line like the one the 2014 NFL Executive of the Year put together in Dallas.

In case you're wondering: While the NFL shares merchandise revenues under its revenue sharing agreement, there is one exception - Dallas keeps revenues generated from merchandise sales and does not share them with any of the other 31 teams.