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Report: Ezekiel Elliot Is Named In Domestic Violence Complaint From Ex-Girlfriend

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Ezekiel Elliott has been named in a complaint to police by a woman who claims to be his ex-girlfriend, accusing him of domestic violence. Details are little sketchy at this point but claims to have a copy of the complaint. They describe it this way:

The female accuser filed a report with the Columbus PD in Ohio Friday morning ... saying she was assaulted by Elliott -- who she claims is her former live-in boyfriend -- while sitting in the driver's seat of her parked vehicle.

The officers who responded to the scene say the woman claims she had pain in her wrist and a red mark -- but declined medical treatment.

Cops contacted Elliott -- who denied striking the woman. He also said he never lived with her.

The police also took statements from four witnesses but none of those claimed to actually witness the assault.

It should be noted that even though police responded, Elliott was not arrested. He has denied any wrongdoing in connection with the incident.

Deadspin also has an article up and in it they claim the woman posted images of bruises left from an alleged assault on her Instagram page, but she doesn't specifically accuse Elliott of doing it. She does direct one set of pictures to Elliott's Instagram handle. Her current Instagram page is now set to private, but the screen grabs are available on the Deadspin article. In the screen grab, you can read that she says this isn't a one-time incident but something that has been ongoing.

We don't have any more information than this at the moment, so please be very careful in your comments. We need to see where this goes from here.